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Tour of Utah: The Locals

Yesterday we took a look at the Tour of Utah Women's Edition team rosters. Of the 94 riders racing, 12 call Utah home.* Several teams and many sponsors are also local, probably most known outside Utah is DNA Cycling presented by K4. Women's cycling fans aren't picky, they'll be cheering for everyone on Monday and Tuesday, but of course we'd love to see a local take the win.

Tina Pic and Tiffany Pezzulo are two of the top criterium racers in the nation. Tina is ranked 2nd on the USA Crit Series and 3rd on the NCC. Just a quick scan through her wikipedia page will show you how talented she is on the bike. A look at her USA Cycling profile and you'll see how strong she's been in 2015. Tiffany is 4th in the USA Crit Series and 26th on the NCC. She's also had a strong year. Both Tina and Tiffany are racing Saturday night at the Littleton Criterium also on the National Criterium Calendar. In fact, over 25 riders coming to Utah are racing in Colorado tomorrow n…

Tour of Utah: The Rosters

The Tour of Utah Women's Edition rosters were released today! You can click thru the teams and racers online or just check out the graphic below. As Alex Kim, race director for the Criterium Classic, pointed out earlier on twitter; there are 17 teams consisting of 94 riders representing 11 countries. In addition, all Top 10 National Criterium Calendar riders and 8 of the Top 10 on the USA Crit Series are lining up in Logan on Monday. It's going to be amazing!

Tour of Utah: A Look Back at 2014

Officially, the Tour of Utah Women's Edition in 2014 was only one race held on Wednesday, Aug 6th. But unofficially, the teams made their way to Utah for two races, just like this year. Nicky Wangsgard created the Cedar City Grand Prix which took place Monday during Stage 1 while the Men were out on course. Just like this year's races, it was a criterium and took advantage of the large crowds already in town for the men's start/finish.

I drove to Cedar City on Saturday and helped with a little bit of everything, it was an amazing experience. There was a Sunday morning ride with the pros, team potluck, enrollment & team meeting, course setup, social media, and more. All the hard work was worth it and I'd like to think our success led the Tour of Utah to add another official women's race this year.

The winner of the Cedar City Grand Prix was Alison Powers from United Healthcare. Quite fitting for the reigning National Crit, Road, and Time Trial Champion. United Hea…

Tour of Utah: Criterium Classic

Next Tuesday evening, we will have a winner of the Tour of Utah Women's Edition Criterium Classic. The two races that comprise the Criterium Classic are sanctioned under USA Cycling as part of the National Criterium Calendar. There are 17 events on the calendar for 2015, with the Tour of Utah being the 12th on the schedule. It is also the only event for women, while the other 16 include men's and women's events. 

According to the USA Cycling website, the current standings for the NCC for individual racers and teams are as follows. All 5 of these riders and teams are coming to the Tour of Utah. In fact, the top 11 teams are registered and many of their top ranked riders will be racing in Logan and Ogden. The combination of NCC points on the line and the Tour of Utah exposure will produce some exciting competition.
There are close to 100 racers and 18 teams registered for the Tour of Utah Criterium Classic. There are great stories behind each racer and team. For example, Erica…

Tour of Utah: Doing My Homework

I'll be in Logan a week from today! Actually I'll be there on Saturday but who's counting. The Tour of Utah runs Monday Aug 3rd thru Sunday Aug 9th and the Women's Edition is Monday and Tuesday. I'm on staff this year and helping with whatever I can on the women's side, including team enrollment and announcing. I'm used to pitching in and have performed many roles in the past but announcing is new. I've been doing my homework and aim to keep the crowd informed and excited about women's cycling. The more fans the women have, the more the sport will grow.

I'm compiling a ToUWE2015 Twitter List that includes the teams, riders, and staff. Subscribe now so you can get to know the athletes before they arrive and then follow during the racing. I'm working on my rider notes, both serious and fun. I think the crowds will be interested to know not only the best results but what these athletes like to do in their spare time and how they supplement their…

Rain in Paris, but not in Park City

By noon today, we had accomplished quite a bit and Terry was off to the airport. I woke up to the alarm to watch La Course, the women's race on the Champs-Elysees before the men finished up the Tour de France. Anna van der Braggen attacked on the last lap and won a 2nd title for Rabo-Liv, following in the steps of Marianne Vos. Despite the weather, the crowds looked impressive and social media was hopping. The women gave it their all on extremely slick roads and I appreciate their effort, I just wish so many didn't go down with bike and body injuries.
We watched the start of the Tour de France while Terry wrapped up some work, then headed out for our own ride after watching all the racing. They had rain in Paris, but not in Park City. There wasn't a cloud in the bluest of skies and the sun was starting to heat things up. We kept our eyes peeled for pros, but must have been out too early. Terry saw several on his ride yesterday afternoon, as they are here acclimating for Tou…

Five Hour Oil Change

Don't tell my Dad (Mr. Oil Change) but my truck was 3wks and 2000 miles over the sticker. I made an attempt to get in before our Montana trip, but my travel and the dealership schedules couldn't sync. We have a Lifetime Warranty & Maintenance deal, so I'm limited to Heber City for service. Heber is only 30 minutes away but slightly inconvenient since we typically don't go there for anything else.
My appointment today was at 2:30p. I loaded up my bike at 2, battled I-80 delays, and arrived right on time. I went on a 90 minute ride around Heber Valley and was pleased to see all the Tour of Utah signage! In just over a week, Stage 4 starts and finishes at Soldier Hollow and Stage 7 races thru town before heading up Empire Pass as in previous years. The riders and fans are going to have some gorgeous views if today was any indication.

I arrived back to the truck a few minutes after they finished with the oil change. All the employees at the dealership were interested in …

Acclimation Day

I always have the best intentions after a block of travel. I'll wake up early, get back to proper yoga and meditation, go for a bike ride during the day, and start the weekend early. I struck out today. I hit snooze, went right into back-to-back client meetings, and worked until 5p to be prepared for Monday's meetings. I did take a short break for lunch on the deck and we went for a hike before grabbing groceries for the weekend, so there was some life balance.

I need to start resetting my expectations and use my first day home for acclimation, for both work and play. The great news is I have 17 days before I'm back on a plane! I don't have many rest days until then with the Tour of Utah on the horizon, but that's travel and work I love. I'm officially on staff this year, compared to a local volunteer, so have plenty going on. 

Back to Utah for Pie and Beer Day

I landed in Salt Lake City tonight just in time for the Pioneer Day three day weekend. Surprisingly the airport was quiet, but traffic up Parley's was not. Many Utahns have tomorrow off work and many have obviously chosen the lakes & mountains over the parade. We've never attended the parade or any festivities, unless you count the alternative celebration called Pie and Beer Day. As I drove home, the radio gave updates on traffic and parade staging. I don't know how many people are sleeping along the parade route, but enough that there were also reminders to stay hydrated tonight. I guess one of these years we should go watch and see what we are missing. I didn't take a photo, but the highlight of the drive home were the UDOT highway signs saying something to the tune of

"Cross the Plains Safely, Don't Text"

Chicago Buildings by Boat

Tonight's team building adventure was an architecture tour and deep dish pizza. The 1st was outstanding, the 2nd I did for my colleagues and settled mediocre spaghetti. The 90 minute boat tour was very informative from an architecture standpoint, but the Chicago stories were even better. My favorite building was the Boeing because of the engineering feat of the roof truss.

Chicago in July

Twice a year, our global team meets up for team building, training, and strategy sessions. We've always met in San Francisco but we needed a spot more suited for our East Coast and European colleagues. During our January meeting, Chicago was chosen for our summer summit.

The meeting agenda doesn't leave any personal time, but at least we have a couple evening activities that allow us to get outside and see the city. Last night, we were all tired from traveling and I was especially wiped after being at Tour of Montana. I got to bed by 11p and slept hard, opting for snooze over a morning jog.

Today, we had a full schedule then put away the laptops and met in the lobby for a field trip to the White Sox baseball game. We all took the Red Line and had 40 seats along right field. No fouls came our way and the Sox lost to the Cards, but it was a good social event. I did sneak out early with some colleagues to prepare for an early meeting and get some more sleep.

Tour of Montana - The Big Ride

So many great things to say about The Big Ride but after being on the ride for 6hrs, in the truck driving home for the last 8, plus a flight out at 6am, tonight's blog is told in pictures. You definitely want to put Tour of Montana and The Big Ride on your list for next year. Amazing course!

Tour of Montana - #ToMT15

The inaugural Tour of Montana race is complete! We started the day at the Farmer's Market followed by nine hours of criterium racing. I didn't race, but I'm likely more tired and sore than many that did. Four hours of course setup/teardown plus five hours of course marshal duties and social media. I finally sat down at dinner and now I'm in compression socks with less than eight hours to go before The Big Ride mass start. We didn't get in a ride today, but tomorrow's 87 miles will make up for it. I've said it every day, but so happy we came to Montana this weekend and already thinking about next year.

To see how I spent my day at Tour of Montana, check out @girojenny or #ToMT15 on Twitter.

Tour of Montana - No Car Required

I'm looking out on Caras Park and the Clark Fork River watching the edges of the sunset, thankful for another day in Montana. The Tour of Montana party has wrapped up and although the crowds weren't massive, it was a good start for the inaugural addition. Missoula is filled with cyclists and I'm anxious to see the crowds tomorrow along the Criterium Course.
The Big Sky Mudflaps played all evening and during their breaks, Dave Towle talked about the race and interviewed Robin Farina, Scott from FCS Visit Dallas Cycling Team, Tyler Hamilton, the Harley Davidson team, and Alex Gallego. In addition to the FCS women, the DNA Cycling p/b K4 women also made an appearance fresh out of the car from their drive from BC Superweek. It's great to end the day surrounded by cycling love and live music. 
We didn't get in the car once today, just biked and walked from our downtown condo. Terry worked for a few hours, then we rode south to check out Lower Miller Road and Pattee Canyon…