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Sponsor Life: Valley of the Sun Stage Race with Visit Dallas DNA

After spending two incredible days at Team Camp with the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team, I couldn't wait to see how they would perform at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Fitness, teamwork, staff, health, strategy, and weather would all be factors for the 1st race of the season and quite possibly set the tone for the rest of the year.

Thursday night's focus was on Friday's Time Trial. There wasn't as much strategy discussion as there would be for the Road Race and Criterium, but plenty of time was spent reviewing the Technical Guide and Start List. There was talk about body suits, podium attire, and which bike to warm up on. Last but not least, and constantly a topic of discussion, was travel and logistics. Only a handful of women's cycling teams have buses that they can all ride together on. The reality is that the racers were spread across several houses and assigned to specific carpools, plus staff and media (my truck) had to coordinate so we all arrived by …

Sponsor Life: Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team Camp

As I mentioned in my last blog, I transitioned from skiing powder to team camp last week. In this blog, I'll cover Team Camp (Wed-Thur) then highlight the Valley of the Sun Stage Race (Fri-Sun) in the following blog. These are my interactions as a team sponsor yet more perspectives of the week's activities can be found in the social media links found in my last blog.

I rushed to the airport Wednesday morning with my Ritchey BreakAway plus a roller bag with cycling gear and summer clothes. The forecast called for warm sun followed by wind and rain, so I tossed in a puffy and raincoat and called it good. I made it to the gate just in time thanks to my mileage status and TSA Clearance, then settled into my seat for the short flight to Phoenix. Not only was I excited to join team camp, I was on vacation until Tuesday and looking forward to a work reset.

By the time I landed, Cathy had left voicemails and texts letting me know that I was completely taken care of and had an airport …

From Powder Turns to Team Camp

Terry and I have sponsored the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team for a few years now. One of the best weeks of the year is team camp when all the riders come together to kickoff the season. Last year, I joined the team in Dallas for rides, media, and the team presentation. This year, team camp took place in Phoenix ending with the Valley of the Sun stage race over the weekend.

Our plan was to spend the week riding, visit the team a few times, and attend the race as spectators. We had vacation days planned and had narrowed in on lodging when Terry learned that he had to be in Seattle for work. I would still attend but just had to figure out the best logistics. With the possibility of snow for the weekend and only a couple "together" days, I opted to stay put until Monday. It was a great choice as the rain Friday night turned to snow and we had another great weekend on the mountain. Meanwhile, at team camp, all the racers and staff were arriving in Arizona and getting settled.

February Rain Wipes Out Janubury Snowfall

After an incredible January (Janubury) with cold temperatures and record snowfall, February has been incredibly disappointing. The temperatures were warm last Saturday and continued to increase all week reaching almost 60F in Park City at 6pm. From Monday on, the next set of storms moved across Utah resulting in steady rain and rapid melting. Stronger rain today has left us grieving for our exceptional January snow. There is some hope that the temperatures will drop tonight and the rain will turn to snow.

My week was a strange mixture of old and new interactions. From coworkers resigning to new friends and opportunities, every day and discussion has been emotional, exciting, and educational. While Terry's been in Seattle, I've been balancing contractors, work, special events, workouts, and my future.

On Sunday, we went to the mountain expecting the conditions to be mediocre. We opted for the carver skis and attacked the groomers. Even though it was Superbowl Sunday, the crowd…

Here's to the Parents of Athletes

My parents left last weekend once their 2017 Sundance volunteer activities wrapped up. We didn't get to spend as much time together this year, yet we fit in a few meals and I met them for a goodbye coffee before they drove home to Montana.

This last week, I had several interactions with parents of athletes which made me reminisce about my parents involvement in my athletic career. In the 80's and 90's, they covered countless miles in the Toyota Tercel across the 4th largest state and beyond for my brother and me. I'm grateful they had the means to be there for every event and for the sacrifices they made.

They participate in their own sporting events now and they must have put a lot of those interests on hold in order to support us emotionally and financially. They continue to attend sporting events in their hometown to cheer on the next generation and in a few years will add more miles in order to support their athletic grandchildren. They will also be supporting the …