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30 Best Moves in My 30s

I'm dangerously close to the big 4-0.  Yikes, even typing it is a bit scary.  Terry is tired of the focus being on "my" birthday since I've been saying "that's the last time I do blah,blah,blah in my 30s" for the last couple weeks.  His birthday is nearing also and he's looking for a clean start from a nagging back injury which was the highlight of his 40th year. But enough about him, this birthday really is about me.  There are several "40 things to do before you turn 40" lists on the web, but they are not for me.  I can see if you were prepared at 38, you could make your own list and with enough money and time, have a chance at succeeding.  I'm also not into big birthday parties or events. The common theme for most birthdays since I was in grade school involved skiing with friends.  Since I still have a few days before it's official, I'm hoping a look back at my 30s will keep my mind occupied until the milestone arrives.

30 Be…

My Action Wipes Secret

I've been blogging for over 18 months and have mentioned products for no other reason than to relay my story like I would if talking to my family and friends.  After last week's update on my Patagonia inventory, I decided to try blogging occasionally about products that mean something to me and a story I believe in.  I started to make a mental list, but didn't want to do just a clinical product review but try to combine it with my story.

Luckily I didn't have to wait long, Action Wipes made a huge announcement on Tuesday and the next day, I used one of my last single packs after cycling class.  After ordering more tonight, it seemed fitting to do a product review to show my support and let everyone in on my secret.
My first interaction with Action Wipes (@actionwipes) was in January of last year.  I watch TourChats on Sunday evenings and the 1.22.12 episode included Fat Cyclist who was giving away prizes based on trivia questions.  I don't remember the question, b…

Patagooch 2013 - The Addiction Continues

If the 1st step in a 12 step program is admission, I'm there.  Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a Patagonia addict.  Last year at this time, I came home from the annual February sale with only a couple items, but still felt guilty. I took inventory for the 1st time and blogged about the sale and our overwhelming stock of patagooch clothing.

Realizing I needed to slow down, I curbed the spending with a purchase in June and another in September.  What doesn't show on my receipts are the other visits where I came real close, but walked out empty-handed.  These 2 purchases upped our stock levels by an additional shirt, pair of shorts, 2 sports bras, and a wool hat.  That is until yesterday.

I purposefully have been shopping for a new ski jacket.  There are no major issues with my Patagonia Regulator purchased in 2003, but I'm ready for a change.  Compared to the amount of cycling clothing we have for every occasion, we are lean when it comes to skiing.  It's not like we d…

Saturday in Park City

I planned to blog this morning before our day started, but now it's Saturday night and we've just had an amazing day so thought a "day in the life" blog might be in order.  People save up for years to vacation in a ski resort town while the majority of others never experience it, so we try to capitalize on all that Park City throws at us.  Today was a good example.  We work very hard and have sacrificed to live here and our proud of our community.  We may have more money than the average US town, but we all have big hearts, love a good time, and are extremely sports motivated.

Speaking of working hard, the last 12 days have been intense.  My software project is officially Live after 11 months of planning, designing, testing, validating, and training.  Last weekend I worked from home, but it was very stressful and my only breaks were for a couple Sundance movies.  Most days this last month at work have gone long and when I did leave in time to make cycling class, I l…