Patagooch 2013 - The Addiction Continues

If the 1st step in a 12 step program is admission, I'm there.  Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a Patagonia addict.  Last year at this time, I came home from the annual February sale with only a couple items, but still felt guilty. I took inventory for the 1st time and blogged about the sale and our overwhelming stock of patagooch clothing.

Realizing I needed to slow down, I curbed the spending with a purchase in June and another in September.  What doesn't show on my receipts are the other visits where I came real close, but walked out empty-handed.  These 2 purchases upped our stock levels by an additional shirt, pair of shorts, 2 sports bras, and a wool hat.  That is until yesterday.

I purposefully have been shopping for a new ski jacket.  There are no major issues with my Patagonia Regulator purchased in 2003, but I'm ready for a change.  Compared to the amount of cycling clothing we have for every occasion, we are lean when it comes to skiing.  It's not like we don't spend hours in our ski gear, this year we've already logged 20 days at PCMR.  We just can't bring ourselves to pay full price when we have something that is perfectly functional.
Snowboard Outfit 2000-2003
(Not Patagonia, but I still wear it for snowblowing)
Ski Outfit 2003-2013
(Patagonia Jacket & Pants)
I knew the February sale would be my opportunity, so early Thursday morning I made lunches and then spent an hour on the website.  Almost every jacket was sold out and I wasn't in love with any of the ones left, so called it quits.  I went to work planning a Friday afternoon visit to the Outlet.  As I drove to the sale, I tried to stay hopeful but knew that the store had likely been ransacked by the hardcore addicts. I pulled into the parking lot and lucked into a spot, which I took as a good sign.  I stripped off my fleece (yes, a Patagooch) and went for it.  The store was packed, guess I wasn't the only one that left work early.  I had plenty of time before the Utes basketball game, so decided to take it slow and started in the women's section since the chance of finding a medium or large for Terry was slim.

Patagonia 2013 Bounty
It is hard to describe a Patagonia Outlet Sale but one does develop a skill for digging, trying things on without going into the dressing room, and looking for the killer deals.  I spent a long time in the jacket section, scanned all the women's racks, then navigated the backroom maze before finishing up in the men's section.  Once I was satisfied with my bounty, I found the end of the checkout line (almost out the door) and waited it out.  I had mentally calculated the total (40% off the lowest marked price) and although it was still going to be pricey, I was proud of my finds.  When all was said and done, I paid 29% of the original retail price for my 5 items.  See how easily I can justify the addiction from a financial aspect?

I had taken 90 minutes to secure a new ski outfit, plus a great pair of hemp work pants, a puffy coat, and a "couldn't pass up this amazing deal" alpine jacket.  This is as close to a Black Friday as I get.

This morning I clipped off the tags and officially christened the new outfit.  I still have to figure out the right base layers, but I'm happy with the fit and so happy to have a different look after 10 years.  Terry said the green was bright enough that he had no trouble finding me on the mountain.  His jacket is also a decade old Patagonia classic and shows few signs of wear.  If he doesn't pull the trigger on the jacket he's been eyeing all winter than I may just have to camp out next February for the Patagonia sale and be one of the first addicts in the door.
Ski Outfit 2013 - ?

Patagonia Inventory Totals - Feb 2013 Update
Ski Coats = 4
Ski Pants = 2
Puffy Coats/Vests = 2
Coats = 3
Fleece/Sweater = 4
Baselayer Tops = 15
Baselayer Bottom = 6
Bike Jerseys = 2
T-shirts = 19
Shorts = 9
Capri = 2
Yoga Pants = 2
Sports Bras = 9
Underwear = 14
Tanks = 7
Dress/Skirts = 9
Pants = 17
Shirts = 13
Hats = 3