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Mother Nature Delivers for Christmas

We are sitting in front of the fire, bundled in our t-shirt quilts, and exhausted from a great week. Mother Nature timed this one perfectly. It all started on Monday afternoon with a several day storm that dumped at least 4 feet in the mountains, including our neighborhood. The sun came out on Christmas Eve, then another storm arrived for Christmas before the cold temps settled in over the weekend.

We had to work earlier in the week, but snowblowing and shoveling kept us entertained. We did three separate snowblow sessions on Tuesday and after a mechanical issue on Wednesday morning, had to do a couple more to keep the front clear. Meanwhile, I shoveled the back in hour-long workout sessions. The last few years we haven't had much snow, but this storm system reminds us of winters past and we are hopeful for 2016.

Skiing over Christmas break is usually a challenge. You need to get to the mountain early and ski hard before the crowds really start building around 11. The severe weath…

Boise Friends and Family

A couple weeks ago, I got word that I needed to be in Boise the following Thursday. It would be my last work travel trip in 2015 and if it were anywhere else, I would have flown in Thursday morning and out Thursday night. After a few quick texts, I booked my flight for Wednesday through Saturday and then started counting the days until the trip. Not because of work, but because of all my family and friends that live in the Boise area.

I moved to Boise for a job with Jabil Circuit back in December 1998. I remember my brother Eric drove up from Elko to visit during my interview trip. Who knew that almost 20 years later, it would still be the place where we reunite. I met Sharon and Rob almost immediately and we've remained good friends since. My work meetings were in the same neighborhood where I had an apartment, exercised at the Y, and could walk to work. As I waited for my colleague in a bagel shop, I thought about all the adventures with my Jabil coworkers/friends. We had such a…

Looking Forward to 2016

I have big hopes for 2016, I just have to get through the rest of 2015. Last week was jam-packed and this week has more of the same, then hopefully things slow down for the final two weeks. At least we both were able to take the weekend off from our real jobs and spend some quality time on the slopes and with friends.
The prior weekend, we took a short ski break on Sunday, but otherwise were consumed by work projects. I turned in two proposals on Tuesday evening and had a few hours to celebrate before jumping right back into critical meetings Wednesday morning. 
I was relieved to take a lunch break and talk women's cycling with Alex. Supporting Tour of Utah Women's Edition and the new Visit Dallas-DNA women's team are on my 2016 list and it's going to be a great experience! 
On Thursday, I flew to Phoenix for work. I soaked up the warm weather in between meetings, then flew home to a blizzard. The drive home from the airport was one of the worse I've experienced i…

Coming Out of Blog Hibernation

I've been in a bit of a funk the last month when it comes to blogging and social media. Similar to the pro women cyclists that hibernate after Worlds and come back out in December for training camps, I'm ready to get back at it.
From the Tour of California in May to UCI Worlds in September, I didn't take much of a break. Trying to do as much as I can for women's cycling without putting my marriage, training, or real job at risk was the goal and after 5 months I needed some recovery time. I kept up with Mailbox Monday and Wildlife Wednesday and the occasional FB/Twitter post, but let everything else drop.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I've had time to kill. My workload the past 2 months has been ridiculous, with travel and proposals that have required weekend and holiday hours. In November, we pulled off another successful Max Testa Training Camp in Napa Valley. I've picked up my cycling training and am back on a formal plan since the back injury, plus w…