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Two Weeks, Four States

I like to use my birthday to set goals and assess how I'll attack the year to come. Similar to New Year's Resolutions, I evaluate my relationships, health, career, passions and accomplishments for the upcoming year. I made a few major decisions in January and have been acting on them, but still like to set aside time the day before to reflect.

My schedule didn't cooperate as I spent my birthday eve hustling between time zones and work meetings. It's hard to reflect while a Rabbi keeps falling asleep on your shoulder. Finding time since my birthday to reflect has been difficult, but that doesn't mean I haven't been attacking my new year.

The last three weeks have remained intense, some of it self-induced. After spending my birthday week traveling in San Diego and Detroit, I had a week at home that deserves it's own book, let alone blog. More on that later, but it is all very positive and I'm excited for the future.

I'm now in my final days of a two w…

Airplanes and Chairlifts - A Birthday to Remember

When you fly three days straight and spend the weekend on the slopes, it doesn't take long for memorable interactions to stack up. I wasn't pleased about the work travel for many reasons, the most because it was our birthday week. Although I set "No Travel" calendar boundaries and had a vacation day scheduled, I was overruled and had to take one for the team. Actually, take two for the team as the trip involved a meeting in San Diego, immediately followed by one in Detroit. I tried to make the most of it with a couple new books and thoughts toward the weekend of skiing. Birthday messages throughout the week kept my spirits high.

It's hard to choose a favorite interaction of the week as they all had something special to offer. I've found that by focusing on specific encounters in situations I'd rather not be in, they transform the environment to a learning experience. The best interactions are those in environments and with people I love, like on a chairli…

Febru-bury Delivers at Month End

A week into February, high temperature and rain were threatening our amazing snow conditions built up throughout Janu-bury. Then, we had a nice surprise snow before I left for Phoenix for a few days of cycling. I cherished those powder turns just in case they were the last good ones for the season. This year has almost been too good to be true compared to the last several ski seasons.

While in Phoenix, we went from 80's at the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team Camp to cold rain at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. I flew home conflicted. Having a taste of outside cycling made me hungry for more, yet the powder turns we've had all winter are extremely addicting and I needed more.

I didn't have to wait long, as the next storm blew in on President's Day, my first day home. It snowed for three days straight and Febru-bury ended with impressive numbers. We typically get a little less at our house than the Deer Valley and Park City reports.

Looking at my Training Peaks log f…