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Women's Cycling Kit Review

I have a hard time turning down a new cycling kit, especially if it represents and supports women's cycling. In addition to riding in the best gear out there, I can proudly display my support and jumpstart a conversation or two about women's cycling.

Over the winter, I've added a 2013 Specialized-lululemon, 2013 Vanderkitten, and 2014 Women's Cycling Association (WCA) kit to the collection. I'm still waiting on the WCA kit, but the others have had some saddle time and will have plenty more.

My local cycling team is primarily sponsored by Skullcandy and the kits are made by Utah company DNA Cycling which also provides team sponsorship. While our cycling team isn't women's specific, I'm very proud we are associated with DNA as they support our local pro women's team DNA Cycling pb K4. (Just one of many kits on my wish list) 
Let's start with the facts. I'm 6 feet tall and for my height, have long femurs and even longer torso. When not wearing…

Business Trip Recovery

I've been trying to shake off my business trip this weekend with a couple rides, lots of sleep, and normal food. I could really use one more day of sleeping in, eating, riding, eating, napping, eating, and sleeping but I'll have to wait until Memorial Day. I landed late Friday night and have to be in early tomorrow for meetings so it's been a short recovery. At least I don't have another business trip until mid June.

I travel for work at least once per month, but this week's trip to Nashville was especially tiring. I flew out Monday night, so shuffled my schedule to get in an hour on the trainer before heading to the airport. With the time change and prep time for the customer workshop, I didn't get to bed until after midnight. My training program called for 4 days of riding, but only 30 and 60 minute sessions. The hotel only had an old recumbent so it was going to be a challenge to get up early to ride.
After a couple snoozes, I decided to go for a walk in the…

Waiting for Paint to Dry (Basement Remodel Part 2)

We are making steady progress on the basement. If you missed the first post, story and before pics here.
All I Wanted Was Hooks! (Basement Remodel Part 1)
At the end of the last update, the texturing was complete and the painting was planned for the following day. I traveled for work and 3 days later returned to a green basement! Officially it is Bamboo Shoot and we are very happy with our decision and can't wait to see it against the custom woodwork.

That weekend, we brought wood floor samples home to try and make a decision against the new walls. Turns out even though we have a contractor, we could really use that assistant to make decisions on colors. We had already spent hours at the showroom and thought we had narrowed it down, but still couldn't commit. We figured we did ok on the paint, so we waited until Monday, then pulled the trigger.
We also had to make decisions on hardware, electrical outlet covers, and the wainscot stain. While we wait for flooring, the doors are …

Taking the Summer Cycling Season Seriously

I've been wanting to share what's planned for the summer and how I'm going to get there.  It all officially started two weeks ago and so far, so good. It's been challenging, but achievable and I'm excited to be heading toward a healthy and strong summer cycling season.
With a full schedule of riding planned, we met with Corey Hart for official training programs. Corey is a cycling coach and works with some of the best athletes, including a majority of the pro women. We are fortunate to have him here in Utah and working with Max Testa Training, so when cycling classes ended for the winter, we reached out to Corey. After talking about our goals, events, injuries, and work commitments, he lined us up with a training program. We are using Training Peaks to document it all and two weeks in, I'm tired but feeling good about the summer.
My first event is Tulsa Tough, which is only 4 weeks away! I'll be doing the Gran Fondo again and hoping to improve my time and r…