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Getting Creative

I've always had an idea in the back of my mind to write once I'm retired.  A travel book about our cycling journeys, a map/trail guide to share the great single-track we encounter, a narrative on going vegan and the hassles/pleasures of the process, or maybe even a look back at my professional career as an engineer/project manager.  Ever since my 1st blog post and committing to writing each week, I look forward to the process and find it relaxing and enjoy the creative challenge.  One of my goals for 2013, is to get back on a weekly schedule and to share more personal stories and opinions.  It is a bit scary to put it all out there, but I figure I'll start small and see how it goes.

Speaking of creative, Sundance is here.  My parents arrived on Monday and we were finally able to spend more than 15 minutes together this morning over breakfast and a couple games of Scrabble.  They are full-time volunteers plus they try to fit in as many movies and events as possible.  They&…

Our 1st Park City Xmas

The last 3 weeks have been unexpected, both positive and negative.  Looking back on my last blog on a quiet Saturday morning on Dec 8th, we had several plans for the holidays, but who knew that we would go 14 nights in a row with some type of social commitment plus experience a few unforeseen events.  All is calm again tonight on a peaceful New Year's Day in front of the fireplace.

I had to go back through our pictures to confirm that this year was our 1st Xmas in Park City after moving here 10 years ago!  People save for years to spend their holidays in our winter wonderland, but we had always taken the time off work and left town to the tourists.  After this year, we'll have a tough decision to make, especially when the snow is decent and friends are in town.  We missed our families but have plans to see them all in the next few months and will celebrate appropriately.

I'll try to keep the words to a minimum and tell the story of December 2012 in pictures and dates.  Y…