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Exergy Tour Recap - Stage 3

The USA Pro Challenge was off the charts today with Stage 6 from Golden thru Boulder and a finish on Flagstaff Mountain.  All week on TV, I've been spotting fellow Course Marshals flagging and whistling as the peloton races by.  Then, on FB, I see fantastic photos and updates from my Exergy teammates - David, Shawn, and Maura.  It's KILLING me.  I missed volunteering at The Tour of Utah due to a conference room full of international consultants for a critical project, but at least I was a spectator on the weekend.  I had hoped to burn a week of vacation in Colorado, but my project and on-boarding those consultants were still top priority.  I know,  I need to review my priorities or get a job with Medalist Sports.
If you haven't read my previous Exergy Tour blogs, might be best to start here.  I volunteered full time as a Traveling Course Marshal (TCM) for The Exergy Tour in May and as time permits, I've been posting my experience Stage by Stage.

In addition to the Tou…

Summer Equilibrium

I don't think it's news to anyone that this summer has been hot and dry.  The fire danger continues to grow and even though Utah only has a couple active forest fires, our air is thick with haze as fires burn across the Western United States.  Our backyard and all the trails are crackly and the weaker trees are quickly turning brown and dying.  We had a burst of rain last Friday but the only difference on Saturday as the temps once again reached mid 90F was the added humidity.  Thankfully everyone is listening to Smokey the Bear, learning to plan the day around the heat, and patiently waiting for more rain or even the 1st snow.
We don't have AC and our bedroom is on the 3rd floor so temperature management is crucial.  For the past several weeks, it has been 97F+ as we leave work in SLC and 85F+ when we arrive home.  We watch the indoor/outdoor thermometer throughout the evening waiting for that magic moment.  Once the outside temp cools off to meet the inside or within 2 d…

Exergy Tour Recap - Stage 2

This morning, Kristin Armstrong defended her 2008 Olympic Gold Medal in grand style and won the 2012 Olympic Time Trial with 15 seconds to spare.  She retired, had her son Lucas, and then decided to come out of retirement with the singular goal to win a 2nd Gold Medal.  It was inspiring to see her accomplish her goal and then enjoy the podium with her son.  I'm sure her entire support system is breathing a sigh of relief tonight as they celebrate from London to Boise and beyond.   
Kristin has won every time trial she's raced this year, so today's win was expected, but you never know.  She was the favorite in The Exergy Tour TT but had to abandon due to her injury in The Prologue.  Two months after surgery and a rushed recovery, she proved her toughness (if having a baby wasn't proof enough) by racing and crashing in the Olympic Road Race on Sunday and then winning the Time Trial today.  She has announced her retirement only a few days before her 39th birthday, but I …