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Giro d'Jenny Blog Debut

After delaying all summer, I'm finally writing my 1st blog in the final days of August.  I thought I'd get a few things out of the way on this one and then hopefully the blogging just happens and becomes part of my life. 

Almost a year ago, I joined a startup company and one of my self-appointed tasks is blogging.  I've found that I enjoy writing once I determine a business topic.  A few friends also blog and now I understand the effort and am thankful that they take the time to share.  We have lots of family/friends that are interested in our adventures, so this is a way to keep them updated and also to keep track ourselves.

This year, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  We met on the ski slopes and are still the best of ski buddies.  Cycling has also become a passion and determines most of our vacations.  We both work hard and play hard and are best friends.

We have lived in Park City, UT for 8yrs and have an unbelievable set of neighbors that are as clo…