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New Career Adventure

I returned home from my 4 States in 2 Weeks trip including a Sponsor Life weekend and promptly resigned from my job. After 2 weeks of goodbyes, I spent a weekend unemployed then embarked on my new career adventure. I'm only 1 week in, but so far, so good.

Although my work life is an integral part of my adventures, I've been very cautious about going into details on my blog. Many corporations restrict company mentions in anything other than LinkedIn, while others I've kept it discrete for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately I've had a couple cases where coworkers and/or customers have gotten a little too close for comfort. There is also the security concern that comes with sharing my adventures across the internet. By putting myself out on social media and in this blog, I realize that I'm opening up that possibility and often struggle where to draw the "sharing" line.

With that said, I'm very thankful to the start-up company that I left after 4 years. …

Sponsor Life: Joe Martin Stage Race with Visit Dallas DNA

After spending time with the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling Team in Arizona, I was anxious to get to another race to support the team. As my work trips finalized for March, I realized that I would be in Houston just as the Joe Martin Stage Race kicked off in Fayetteville. Instead of going home on Thursday night, I grabbed a short flight to Arkansas to catch the last 3 stages and flew home on Monday. 
While the team stayed in host housing, Cathy (Cotton Sox Photography) and I shared a room at the Comfort Inn. It was close to midnight on Thursday when I arrived, but Cathy was still up editing photos so we caught up on Stage 1. Our UK powerhouse Claire Rose was 4th in the 3 mile uphill time trial behind UHC's Ruth Winder in 1st and two Tibco riders rounding out the podium. Cathy finished up her edits for the Team and Cycling Illustrated, then we crashed after a little more chit-chat knowing we had a long 3 days ahead of us.

My assignment on Friday was to support our soigneur Erin in t…