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Just Live

Terry and I have spent a lot of time since his back surgery evaluating our work/life balance, retirement goals, and happiness. We got into a groove Jan and Feb with my new role at work, my participation with Max Testa Training, and his working from home while he recovered. We spent hours walking rather than skiing or cycling which gave us plenty of time to ponder. It was building but a month ago, it became obvious that Terry was ready for a major change. He gave notice after almost 20yrs at the company he joined out of college. Although he knew it was the best decision for his health and our future, it was extremely emotional.
Once the wheels were in motion, we had to react fast. He is staying in the same industry as a consultant and immediately found work. Needless to say, we had a lot to do to get him set up on short notice. My role in our company got busy with IT work (laptop and software setup), facilities (converting a bedroom to an office), and buying (not just office equipment a…