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Shoulder Recovery Milestones

While I've been keeping up with Mailbox Monday and Wildlife Wednesday, the blog has fallen down the priority list. The last couple months have been all about shoulder recovery, as will the next couple months. I'm now 14 weeks since surgery and making progress, which is slow going when you are dealing with shoulders. I have an incredible support group of friends and healers that have kept my spirits up and my calendar booked.

Since I can't catch up the last 7 weeks in one blog, here are a few memorable recovery milestones.

The one I'd been waiting for and actually accomplished weeks ahead of schedule was my 1st bike ride! I was off the saddle for 4 months, but on June 10th I tentatively climbed on the mountain bike and did a slow ride on the pavement. After 2 weeks, I graduated to my road bike and have been increasing my time and climbs. Next weekend, I'm doing my first organized ride and attempting a metric century.

On June 15th, I was officially released to do any…