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Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Vanderkitten VIP!

I've mentioned that I was selected as a 2015 Vanderkitten VIP in previous blogs, but I wanted to formally introduce myself to my new support group.

I say support group because over the past month, the encouragement and motivation I've witnessed on our private FB page is incredible! I can't keep up with all the posts and pictures, but every time I visit, I'm floored by the engagement of the 300+ Kittens! This blog is my attempt to make up for my lack of likes, comments, and posts. I wanted to let my Vanderkitten brethren know that I'm out here and thrilled to be included.

For my regular blog readers, here is a little background on the VanderKitten VIP Program.
Around 2006, it became very clear that there are a certain caliber of women who embody the spirit of Vanderkitten innately. These women inspire others, guide, teach and set a clear path for success. These Vanderkitten traits demanded a formal organized group where ideas could be openly exchanged for the betterm…

Nov-Dec Goal Review

Well, that's it for my 2014 goals. I identified very specific goals in order to keep me focused on making some permanent lifestyle changes, but even then I had to remind myself throughout the year that failing was ok and the journey was the ultimate goal. I kept a copy on the refrigerator as a reminder to take care of my 5 needs - Personal, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, and Material. There were many times at the end of a long work day, that the easy choice would be to watch tv, but I would see the list and choose to do something that would give me more joy.

I'm carrying many of these goals into 2015, but haven't decided if I'll use a similar format or try something different. It's been interesting seeing posts the last few days from my fellow Vanderkitten VIPs. Most are very goal oriented and appear to be experts at accountability. Definitely my type of crowd.

So in honor of accountability, here's my final 2014 Goal Review from November and December.

Nov-Dec S…