Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a Vanderkitten VIP!

I've mentioned that I was selected as a 2015 Vanderkitten VIP in previous blogs, but I wanted to formally introduce myself to my new support group.

I say support group because over the past month, the encouragement and motivation I've witnessed on our private FB page is incredible! I can't keep up with all the posts and pictures, but every time I visit, I'm floored by the engagement of the 300+ Kittens! This blog is my attempt to make up for my lack of likes, comments, and posts. I wanted to let my Vanderkitten brethren know that I'm out here and thrilled to be included.

For my regular blog readers, here is a little background on the VanderKitten VIP Program.
Around 2006, it became very clear that there are a certain caliber of women who embody the spirit of Vanderkitten innately. These women inspire others, guide, teach and set a clear path for success. These Vanderkitten traits demanded a formal organized group where ideas could be openly exchanged for the betterment of all womankind. Thus, the Vanderkitten VIP was born. 

How did this happen?
I'm a BIG supporter of women's pro cycling. For years, I've spent my spare time not only riding, but volunteering at pro races, blogging, riding in pro kits, purchasing products from sponsors/cyclists, tweeting, and supporting others that support pro women's cycling. Of course, I was a fan of the Vanderkitten Pro Team and immediately fell in love with the motto, logo, and community engagement.

Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass!®

This past year, I ran into the team at a few events, including Tulsa Tough and Tour of Utah. Someone mentioned the VIP program might be a good fit. I applied for 2015 and got the awesome news in December!

Hi, I'm Jenny...
So, let's recap. I'm an avid cyclist and support women's cycling but that isn't unique among the Vanderkitten VIPs. How about a few more facts to introduce myself.
  • Montana native, live in Park City UT, and dream about living in Italy!
  • Played all sports growing up, chose college basketball (yes, I'm tall), then transitioned to endurance sports in my late 20s. Although I'm always up for a pick-up game!
  • Cycling (Road & MTB) and skiing (Alpine & Skate) are my main focus, but occasionally you'll see me on a trail run.
  • Mechanical Engineer by degree, work in Software industry, and never turn down a manufacturing facility tour.
  • Married to my ski & bike buddy, no children, & no pets. In fact, I'm allergic to cats.. but not Vanderkittens!
  • Love to travel and explore new places, preferably by bike.
  • Speak some Spanish (Mom is a Spanish teacher) and taking Italian lessons.
  • Not into shopping, unless it is related to being active. Speaking of, love the VK shop!
  • Work with Max Testa Training as a multirider instructor and help with software/social media/training camps!
  • Epi-pen allergic to celery and sagebrush. Keeping it weird!
  • Active with my college alumni and chair the Utah Chapter.
  • Plant-based diet (vegan) for last 6 years.
  • Proud to have completed an Olympic Triathlon, Marathon Trail Run, Italian Road Race, and ToU Ultimate Challenge.

2015 Goals
I'm still working with my coach and work schedule to determine the best events, but here's the tentative plan.
  • My 1st LOTOJA 
  • Tulsa Tough Double Tough - I completed it in 2014, but the 2nd ride was cut short for weather
  • ToU Ultimate Challenge - have to improve on my 2014 performance
  • Little Red Riding Hood - I volunteer as a ride ambassador
  • Maybe an endurance MTB ride/race

What's Next?
I've had a crazy start to 2015, so hoping February slows down and I can meet my workout goals on the trainer and on the skis. I've joined the Vanderkitten VIP Strava Club - talk about inspiration! I've met another VIP (Monika) in my cycling class and looking forward to meeting others and riding.

Photo Gallery
I'm patiently awaiting my 2015 Vanderkitten VIP kit, but here are a few of my fav VK shots!

My 1st ride in a Vanderkitten kit on local roads
Wildlife encounter - Elk meets Kitten
Half the Road Q&A with Pro Nicky Wangsgard - opted not to wear a kit
Pro Vanderkitten Tiffany Pezzulo was in the crowd representing!
Tulsa Tough Double Tough - soaked Kitten
Celebrating our wedding anniversary with a ride in Italy!
Showing off the VK in Northern Italy. La gattino dice miao!

Last climb in the Dolomites - tired Kitten
More VK Gear
Silly Photos for my Blog on Women's Cycling Kits
Proud to wear VK jersey with all the other famous jerseys at Max Testa Training studio
Skate Ski VK Style