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Surviving San Francisco in a Sling

Little by little, my left arm is waking up from the shoulder trauma. I wore a sling all day but at night it was getting more courageous as the weekend approached. It didn't wander far, but a tad more than my mind would let it go during the day. I'm learning to wake from the pain, quickly reposition it, and go back to sleep. Unfortunately with my travel schedule this week and last, I don't have doctor appointments until the following week. Nothing I'd rather do on my birthday than get surgery assessments, but that's where I'm at. Until then, I'm wearing the sling while in large groups, then going without and using my left arm as much as possible.

Thanks to my coworkers, I survived the travel to San Francisco. I checked my luggage and had help on the BART, etc. It was a critical work week with 3 days of customer conference followed by 2 days of global meetings. Since I was struggling with sleep, I got out for early morning walks. Every trip to this city, I…

My Healing Network

I can't say enough about the healers in my life. Since I hurt my shoulder last Friday, I've had several people go out of their way to make sure I'm comfortable and on a quick path to recovery. No matter their role (doctors, physical therapy team, bodywork guru, friends, and family), they've helped keep my spirits up and I'm very thankful. 
We should have an official diagnosis tomorrow. Based on all the activity (or inactivity) I've had this week, I'm guessing surgery is in my future. It's been a long week and I'm ready for a game plan.
Monday was a work holiday, so I managed the pain, watched more movies, read another book, and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Even with one arm in a sling, I was able to capture several great Mailbox Monday photos.

Tuesday I was back to work and on the phone making doctor appointments. Besides the lack of mobility and pain, I really needed to fit everything in during the week since I was scheduled to be in Ca…

Making Valentine's Weekend Memories

Happy Valentine's Day! May this be a reminder to love your family, environment, and self every day of the year. Terry and I don't typically celebrate the holiday, unless you count going skiing together, which we do every weekend anyway. We did close on our current home on Feb 14th, so if anything we celebrate missing the Jazz vs Cavs basketball game and moving in. It was a big deal since we had Jazz vs Cavs tickets that night and had to give them away to finish paperwork. I still haven't seen LeBron James play, hopefully that wasn't my only chance.

I'll get to the adventures of the week in a minute, but speaking of basketball, it's All-Star Weekend which was a much bigger deal than the Super Bowl growing up. There are more events now, but I've always been a fan. Friday night, I watched the celebrity game while riding the trainer and then the USA vs World game. Yesterday was practice, D-league, 3-point, and slam dunk. Tonight, it finishes up with the actual …

Wasatch Powder Flu

Who cares what the weather forecast says, it seems if I blog about skiing, the storms keep coming. Last Sunday, we were exhausted after another amazing weekend of powder, then woke up Monday to a surprise storm. Although I'm in the same state this afternoon and temps are nearing 40F, I'm hoping a blog full of ski love does the trick.

So, back to Monday morning and the sleeper storm. I went out to snowblow and got a little touch of the Wasatch Powder Flu when I realized we had over 6" overnight and it was still coming down. I quickly came inside, confirmed almost a foot on the mountain, then infected Terry. We took care of emails, made a few excuses, and headed out to look for a cure.

Responsibility kicked in just in time for me to catch a lunch meeting and then we both worked into the night, but the powder shots that morning were worth it. I only had one day of travel this week compared to the prior three weeks of craziness. It still wasn't a simple 8-5, but at least …