My Healing Network

I can't say enough about the healers in my life. Since I hurt my shoulder last Friday, I've had several people go out of their way to make sure I'm comfortable and on a quick path to recovery. No matter their role (doctors, physical therapy team, bodywork guru, friends, and family), they've helped keep my spirits up and I'm very thankful. 

We should have an official diagnosis tomorrow. Based on all the activity (or inactivity) I've had this week, I'm guessing surgery is in my future. It's been a long week and I'm ready for a game plan.

Monday was a work holiday, so I managed the pain, watched more movies, read another book, and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Even with one arm in a sling, I was able to capture several great Mailbox Monday photos.

Gloomy Monday

Tuesday I was back to work and on the phone making doctor appointments. Besides the lack of mobility and pain, I really needed to fit everything in during the week since I was scheduled to be in California Monday through Friday. Unfortunately it's the biggest week of the year for work, so tough to cancel. I have no idea how my healers were able to swing it, but thank you a million times over. I had a shoulder specialist scheduled for Wednesday, physical therapy session on Friday, and an MRI appointment on Saturday.

Wednesday's appointment went ok. The shoulder specialist agreed that the x-rays looked good and that we definitely needed the MRI. He gave me a cortisone shot to try and relieve some pain and improve mobility. It worked on Thursday but that night I woke up in agony. Maybe the shot wore off or maybe I overdid it at work. Most likely a combination.

Friday was another crazy work day that started at 5:30a. I took a physical therapy break in the afternoon in hopes of increased mobility and pain relief. It was nice to see more of my healing network at the PT office, but things didn't go as great as I'd hoped. We weren't able to move it much so will have to wait for the MRI before the next session.

Saturday's MRI was uneventful in a good way. I really appreciated the early morning appointment and celebrated more healing in my life with a vegan muffin and shopping trip to Patagonia. Trying on a couple items was tiring, but it felt good to hit the Big Sale since I was spending another weekend not hitting the slopes.

Bluebird Saturday

Another long walk today followed by a healing bodywork session. Typically it's just physical, but today we did some mental work. I believe things happen for a reason, but I'm still getting my head around this one. Usually an injury or sickness means I need to slow things down, physically and mentally. I can typically trace it back to stress from work, overtraining, side projects, something. I was definitely playing with fire based on my 2016 schedule, and hoping a week of no work travel would suffice. Ha, I knew better. I've had some time to reflect this week and will continue to work it out, thanks to healers in my life.

Not just me that needs a little work

That takes us to Sunday night. I'm all packed for tomorrow's flight and will have coworkers to help out. I'm anxious, as are all my healers, to get the MRI results and determine what type of chaos is going on in my shoulder. No matter the outcome, I'll be spending more precious time with this amazing network of healers and know that I'm in great hands.