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Range of Motion Vacation

After enjoying last Friday's vacation day, I decided that even though I was staying in town, I'd still take my planned Tour of California vacation days. It seemed a waste, especially with crummy weather in the forecast, yet it was the best decision I could have made for my body and mind. I'm heading back to work this week feeling mentally refreshed and physically ahead of schedule.

The focus this week was on range of motion. It was the 1st full week without the sling so everyday tasks plus rehab have brought significant improvement. Granted, I'm still very limited but compared to the last 6 weeks, I feel like my wing may fly again. For example, this coming week, I'm going to try washing my hair and closing the car door with my left arm.

I worked a couple days, but otherwise dedicated my time to physical therapy, pilates, and hiking. I alternated days of PT and pilates, then each day added an hour or more of hiking. I had a rough patch on Friday where the extreme ac…

Rehab Just Got Real

After three months and three light physical therapy appointments, I'm finally starting official shoulder rehab. Today marked Week 7 from surgery and was the 1st time where I could start using my muscles to help gain movement. I'll be going to sessions 3 times per week for the next month and the home exercises will start ramping up, it's going to be very time consuming but so worth it. My goal is to go on a bike ride by August 1st, and then do at least one Gran Fondo or long ride in October.

I'm happy for the positive milestone, yet sad as I had to choose rehab over the Tour of California. We've had this week on the calendar since our ToC vacation last year. The women will be racing the final four stages and our plan was to at least follow those four stages, if not more. Terry is going to catch at least one stage and cowbell for me, while I cheer on the teams from home. It's a major bummer, but I need to get back on the bike and can't afford a setback. The m…

More April Fun in the California Sun

We've been home from California a week and I'm ready to go back. It rained all weekend in Park City with temps barely reaching the 50's. I've been to the gym four days in a row rather than walking in the California sun. On the bright side, I had my shoulder appointment and got released from the sling. I've also started physical therapy with strict orders to get worked on at least 2 times a week for the next 6 weeks. That's going to make it hard to escape the May showers and get back to California. For now, blog pictures will have to do.

After nine perfect and fun-filled days in Northern California, we drove south to San Diego for another week of remote work. Terry was in meetings each day, while I planned to work from the hotel. Plans changed slightly sending me on a day trip to Salt Lake City and another to Los Angeles, but we still got to spend each night together exploring the beach and city.

We drove home last Sunday and I was back on the plane Tuesday to Au…