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Assistant for Hire

I made it through the rest of my San Francisco trip and landed safely back in Utah last Friday.  My last 2 1/2 days were jam-packed.  I started Wednesday early with a visit to the YMCA and ended up playing full-court pickup with the guys.  I must have held my own, since they invited me back.  After work, I headed back to the Y for a pilates class and then had dinner at The Plant Cafe Organic with a coworker.  
I went for a walk Thursday morning and was treated to a gorgeous sunrise then work followed by our holiday party.  Another early wake-up for more basketball wasn't in the cards, so I got up at the last moment, packed, and headed to the airport. I've been packing it in this week trying to make up for 3 weeks away.  We skied and biked on Saturday, but passed on a Sundance movie.  Sunday, we skied, said goodbye to my parents, then had sports massages.  Monday was an errand day, yoga Tuesday morning and cycling class at night, and more yoga Wednesday.  Tonight, I'm nursi…

People & Places

As I walked along the San Francisco wharf tonight, I thought of all the people interactions I've had this month in several places.  Some have been direct conversations, while others I've just been in the vicinity of humanity and done my best to treat the experience as entertainment.  There have been some great moments the past three weeks, but I am looking forward to a week without airports and hotels.  A week of home and routine.  
The interactions began with a quick trip to Southern California.  My coworker has Delta status, so we spent time in the Sky Club with the privileged.  The airports were packed with college students wrapping up their holidays, business travel, and delayed passengers due to the 1st polar vortex that had swept across the midwest.  I sat with a group heading to New Zealand for a family reunion.  The two grade-school kids were flying for their 1st time and so excited. It was fun to experience the flight listening to their chatter. 
Dinner was at an Ind…

It's Time to Move Forward

There have been some recent national media items that made me embarrassed to be a Utahn.  It is a unique and amazing state and there is nowhere I'd rather live and recreate but sometimes the politics are overwhelming.  There is only so much you can tune out.  This week, I kept a tally and decided to do something about it by writing and speaking my mind.  It is discouraging that we can have all these great successes but continue to see decisions that move us backward, especially as women.

I don't want to dwell on the negatives, so let's start with the positives.  
+ Women are going to the Winter Olympics for the first time as ski jumpers!  The fight for equality was led out of Park City thanks to our local jumpers, their parents, and Deedee Corradini.  Deedee was Salt Lake City's 1st and only woman mayor.  ParkiteSarah Hendrickson's Flying commercial has been airing all weekend showing the nation that women are athletic, determined, and going to kick some butt in the…

2013 Holidays & 2014 Goals

After a long blog break and wonderful holiday season, I'm back for another year of capturing our adventures.  We spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's at home with so many days at PCMR I've lost count.  We even bought really fun and fast carver skis to keep us entertained on days without fresh snow.

In addition to all the skiing, other highlights over the last 6 weeks include;
1. Calgary Business Trip
2. Thanksgiving Adventures with friends & my parents
3. Christmas Tree Set-up (last year's Save the Tree project)
4. Southern California Business Trip
5. New Roof
6. Truck Purchase / Car For Sale
7. Christmas Adventures with friends
8. Holiday Parties
9. Olympic Trials - Nordic Combined & Ski Jumping
10. Montana Tech Alumni Event (last year's event which was similar)

I've always enjoyed making resolutions (a good blog subject if only I could remember them all), so before figuring out 2014, I reflected on 2013.

2013 Highlights
- 30 Days of Biking
- C…