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Exergy Tour 2012

I just finished 5 days of full time volunteer duty at The ExergyTour and am even more hooked on women’s cycling than ever.  Terry and I have followed men’s cycling for years with trips to the Tour de France, Tour of California, USA Pro Challenge, and hours of watching live internet coverage.  We would follow women’s cycling whenever possible but without media exposure, we weren't as knowledgeable. That all changed last August at the Tour of Utah thanks to a little luck and 2 amazing people.  We purchased VIP dinner tickets for the Tour of Utah Team Presentation in Park City and were ecstatic to hang out with other cycling fans, drink Epic Beer, and have a few plates of CafĂ© Rio before the riders arrived.  We grabbed dinner and figured a table near the beer stand was logical, so when we saw a couple seats at the first one, we asked to join.  Little did I know that a simple “sure, sit down” would kick off a passion for women’s cycling and lead to my mini working vacation this last …

Summer Training Starts

Yesterday, I began my summer training with an official program and a double workout.  I got out of bed with Terry’s alarm at 5 and was at the trailhead just before daylight for a 45min trail run.  I did my longest run this year on Saturday at 10 miles so in comparison, this was nice and short and a good wake up for the legs.  I did have some flashbacks of college basketball practices at 5am and was thankful I was in the mountains and not in a gym running drills. 
My plan was to do a road ride in the evening, but the skies were dark and rain threatened so I took advantage of a drop in class with Max Testa Training and did an intense 90 minutes that included single leg spins, 5 minute progressions, SFRs, and some high cadence intervals.  Max taught the class which is always a treat and ultra informative.  Not only does he explain how our bodies react to each interval, the training benefits, and what to expect but then he fills the recovery periods with stories about the pro peloton an…

Italy Proposal

This morning's Giro d'Italia Stage 14 ends in Cervinia.  It is a key stage in the race as they enter the Alps and kickoff the last week of mountain stages.  But for me, it has a very personal meaning which means I dug into the photo archives to help tell the story.

I was working and living in Bergamo, Italy in 2000, only a few hours drive from Cervinia.  I was a snowboarder at the time and would venture out on the weekends to hit the slopes.  The Alps were West and the Dolomites were North, so I had plenty of options.  One of my first trips was to Cervinia which is a classic European ski town and shares a ski area with Zermatt commonly called Cervino (which is the Italian name for the Matterhorn).  You can reach it either from the Italian side thru Cervinia or the Swiss side thru Zermatt.  The mighty Matterhorn sits right in the middle and you ski below it on wide open slopes.  Breathtaking to say the least.

I was also doing recon on this 1st trip.  Terry and I had met in earl…

Keep Calm and Carry On

I've been looking forward to this morning for over a week.  No alarm, no plans, nothing but sleeping in as long as possible.  And now, it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake waiting for the sun to bring the temps out of the 30s so I can go play.  Guess my mind and body don't need the sleep and would rather just get the weekend started, just wish they would have given me a heads up last night.  The birds are chirping and I can see faint blue daylight on the horizon, but it's even too early for the Giro d'Italia live feed.  So, I'll take advantage of the quiet morning to catch you up on the last 2 weeks.

As I posted on FB and Twitter, one of the best ways to sum up the last few weeks is Keep Calm and Carry On.  The story is great and made even better thanks to the voice/music selection and amazing book store.

In short, we have a close friend going through some medical issues and things escalated very quickly resulting in surgery and a 6 night hospital stay.  He's h…