Keep Calm and Carry On

I've been looking forward to this morning for over a week.  No alarm, no plans, nothing but sleeping in as long as possible.  And now, it's 5:30 and I'm wide awake waiting for the sun to bring the temps out of the 30s so I can go play.  Guess my mind and body don't need the sleep and would rather just get the weekend started, just wish they would have given me a heads up last night.  The birds are chirping and I can see faint blue daylight on the horizon, but it's even too early for the Giro d'Italia live feed.  So, I'll take advantage of the quiet morning to catch you up on the last 2 weeks.

As I posted on FB and Twitter, one of the best ways to sum up the last few weeks is Keep Calm and Carry On.  The story is great and made even better thanks to the voice/music selection and amazing book store.

In short, we have a close friend going through some medical issues and things escalated very quickly resulting in surgery and a 6 night hospital stay.  He's home now and recovering but the last week or two was stressful to say the least.  His wife is amazing and has handled all this better than one could imagine.  Strong is the first word that comes to mind as she kept a level head and spirits high for not only her husband and 2 young children, but everyone involved in the situation.  I'm proud to be a part of the awesome support network that immediately sprang into action to make sure things were covered as best as possible.  They are a social and loving family without blood relatives nearby so we tried to fill in the gaps and use our skill sets to help out.  They would do the same for all of us and the love that was oozing from every conversation, email, and hug is something I can't put in words, but just hope to be surrounded by for the rest of my life.  He isn't finished with the doctors yet but progress has been made and the healing process is just around the corner.

Daylight has arrived and the Giro coverage starts in a few minutes.  I'll leave you with a few highlights in pictures from the last couple weeks and a reminder to Keep Calm and Carry On.  
Group MTB ride - Round Valley - Sunday, Apr29th
5 Ladies and at least 7 Guys = Good Times and a little chaos
Last Training Class for the Winter - Thursday, May3rd
Stopped on I80 for Rock Work on way to Hospital - Sat, May5th
Watched Boulders roll down mountain for 10 minutes. Pretty Cool
Moose Visitors - Sunday, May6th
Moose Guard
Our neighbors were stuck inside for almost an hour!
Moose Water Fountain
Moose to See You
I'll spare you all the pics as they walked around our entire house before heading on.
Morning Trail Run - Sunday, May6th