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Summer Training Starts

Yesterday, I began my summer training with an official program and a double workout.  I got out of bed with Terry’s alarm at 5 and was at the trailhead just before daylight for a 45min trail run.  I did my longest run this year on Saturday at 10 miles so in comparison, this was nice and short and a good wake up for the legs.  I did have some flashbacks of college basketball practices at 5am and was thankful I was in the mountains and not in a gym running drills. 

My plan was to do a road ride in the evening, but the skies were dark and rain threatened so I took advantage of a drop in class with Max Testa Training and did an intense 90 minutes that included single leg spins, 5 minute progressions, SFRs, and some high cadence intervals.  Max taught the class which is always a treat and ultra informative.  Not only does he explain how our bodies react to each interval, the training benefits, and what to expect but then he fills the recovery periods with stories about the pro peloton and his experiences as a team doctor/trainer.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when Max just casually mentions that he asked Levi (yes, that Levi) to join the class since he was in town training before he returns to Europe.  Unfortunately Levi had meetings with the Tour of Utah folks and couldn’t make it.  I can’t imagine how hard class would have been if he showed up.

Today, I woke up again at 5 and felt surprisingly good considering I pushed harder than expected in class.  It feels so great to wake up strong, healthy, and ready to tackle the day.  Less pollen in the air and an absence of allergies also makes a huge difference.  I didn’t have time for a workout today due to travel, but am anxious to continue with my program tomorrow and thru the summer.  I only have 3 months before the Mid-MountainTrail Marathon in September but am also trying to maintain my cycling base since I worked so hard the past 4 months to improve and have a few long rides planned in June.  I decided to take advantage of having Max and his team in town and signed up for a personal MaxTesta Training program.  Last week, we sat down and listed goals, upcoming events, and training preferences.  I already had cycling power & heart rate zones from February and they analyzed one of my runs on Strava to determine my running zones.  The result is a very personal and specific training calendar of rides and runs.  After years of being coached, I know I’ll respond to this style of training and it’s a perfect fit for my goal-oriented personality.  Terry is also doing a personalized plan in preparation for the Park City Point to Point MTB Race also in September.  It will be interesting to see how the summer progresses.
Kelly rocking the Armstrong Switchbacks 
Thanks to all this working out, I get to eat even more.  Sometimes I feel like I eat all day long, just like Brad Pitt in the Ocean’s movies.  Most likely a combination of my whole foods plant-based diet and my metabolism, but I prefer to eat several times a day rather than 3 basic meals.  With double workouts, I have to manage my calories a little closer in order to recover in time but I have lots of options. This past weekend, I spent some time in the kitchen both mornings before hitting the single-track with my girlfriends.  I made several new dishes from my weekly CSA bounty including kolhrabi curry with tofu, rhubard crumble, and a new favorite of fava beans, dandelion greens, and onions over pasta.  I also made my normal batch of quinoa and kale.  All these, plus on Sunday morning we had cornmeal pancakes which were even better as pre-workout snacks with a little peanut butter.  Not to mention, we still had Terry’s potato curry leftovers from the prior weekend.  Who needs to eat out with a frig full of leftovers!
Corrie enjoying the 29er and rocking the single speed!
In other news, the bear that visited last week was back again the past couple of nights.  We didn’t see or hear it, but the neighbors did thanks to their dogs.  He/She has started doing damage to bird feeders and is very comfortable around humans.  An email has gone out asking everyone to bring in the feeders, garbage, and watch the bbq.  Hopefully we can all coexist and the authorities don’t have to interfere.  We’ll see how things go over the next week.
Pollen thick on the porch means we can see tracks from night visitors

Busy Raccoon


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