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February Adventures

I'm finally having a quiet Monday night at home with no plans but reading and blogging while Terry works another late night.  In the last 3 weeks, I've fallen behind on my 2014 goals and more importantly, we didn't receive any assistant applications.  Now I've got so much on my mind and several topics to speak on, that I'm stuck and don't know where to begin.  I started this blog as a log of our adventures to keep family and friends updated, so that's the plan.

February kicked off with the Ice Trip!  An ice storm was headed toward Cincinnati and hit Tuesday night making my project workshop very memorable.  In addition, my back hadn't improved much, so I was filling up ziplocs at the ice machine and finding relief whenever I had a chance.  I had a team of 9 flying in from 4 different locations while the midwest and east were getting pummeled by the next round of polar vortex.  We beat the odds and everyone made it in Monday night.  Tuesday's workshop…

January Goal Review

Four weeks ago I committed to a lofty set of goals for 2014.  Friends and family immediately sent their best wishes, so the pressure was on to do my best.  I focused on letting my goals lead the way as much as possible, which actually took off the pressure of making decisions.  January was a whirlwind of business travel, so I didn't get off to the best start.  I was able to meet several goals, but overall, have plenty to work on in February.

January Summary
A1: Read 2 books, both over 500 pages.  I recommend them both.
The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling & Tripwire by Lee Child

A2: Met this goal and am proud about discussing Utah's poor decisions.

A3: Failed miserably traveling 3 of 4 weeks to Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

A4: Met only because of the travel and eating out on the weekends.

B1: Went 2x because of my shoveling-induced back injury.

B2: Didn't go to 3 official yoga classes in any 1 week, but did do yoga stretches in hotel rooms and at home when p…