January Goal Review

Four weeks ago I committed to a lofty set of goals for 2014.  Friends and family immediately sent their best wishes, so the pressure was on to do my best.  I focused on letting my goals lead the way as much as possible, which actually took off the pressure of making decisions.  January was a whirlwind of business travel, so I didn't get off to the best start.  I was able to meet several goals, but overall, have plenty to work on in February.

January Summary
A1: Read 2 books, both over 500 pages.  I recommend them both.
The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling & Tripwire by Lee Child

A2: Met this goal and am proud about discussing Utah's poor decisions.

A3: Failed miserably traveling 3 of 4 weeks to Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

A4: Met only because of the travel and eating out on the weekends.

B1: Went 2x because of my shoveling-induced back injury.

B2: Didn't go to 3 official yoga classes in any 1 week, but did do yoga stretches in hotel rooms and at home when possible.  Did get to 2 classes the week I was home before hurting my back.

B3:  Signed up to be a riding course marshal again at The Little Red Riding Hood.  Tweeted about #womenscycling often.  Biggest news of January is the women's race on the last day of the Tour de France!

B4: Started planning a trip to Fruita. Skied with friends almost every weekend.  Although we didn't see them much, my parents were here for 2 weeks for their 4th year as Sundance volunteers.

C1: Missed a few days. This back injury is a great reminder to keep it up and to hire someone to shovel.

C2-C5: No action.  Although, playing pickup ball at the YMCA was a huge highlight of the month!  I haven't really played since the Alumni game and miss it.  We also skied every weekend and had a blast even with marginal snow.

D1: It's still for sale.

E1: The only material purchase I can think of is a new snowblower!  The old snowblower's auger broke and is on its way out.  We also have a room full of items to take to the donation center.

E2: No official plans yet.