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RATPOD Ride Report

We are headed south on I-15 back to Idaho and then home to Utah.  Although a large part of me feels like I’m leaving home as we near the Montana/Idaho border.  I cherish trips back to Montana, especially after spending most of your waking hours pedaling through beautiful scenery under the famous Big Sky.  Not to mention the slower pace and friendly faces and attitudes that make small town Montana so pleasant.  I’m sure our family and friends would agree that we don’t come home to Montana often enough, and weekends like this are a good reminder of what we are missing.  If only we had a private jet and a few more long weekends every year.

This weekend was a maybe until 2 weeks ago when we got a call that we had moved up the waitlist for RATPOD and had spots in the ride if we wanted them.  We hustled to find a hotel room and donation money and then started to get ready/nervous for a 130 mile ride.  RATPOD (Ride Around The Pioneers in One Day) is a benefit ride for Camp Mak-A-Dream.  The …

Saturday Summer Siesta

Hopefully I can write this blog without falling asleep or zoning out completely on hummingbird activity.  It's Saturday afternoon and I'm camped out on the back porch with no other plans that can't wait until tomorrow.  Corrie and I ran more of the Mid Mountain course this morning while Terry and Christian headed out on the mountain bikes.  We did the first 7 miles then headed downhill to pick up the car.  As I type this, my friend Emily is finishing the Bighorn 100 so my measly 11 miles is nothing in comparison, but it is my longest run this year and I still have almost 3 months before I need to do 26.2. 
Before that happens, we have a 130 mile road ride next Saturday in Montana!  We've been on the waiting list for RATPOD and got the call last weekend that we could attend if we could handle it.  We've had it on our wishlist for years, so hopefully the wind and weather are on our side.

Both in preparation for the ride and just because that's what we do, the las…

Baby Moose

We returned from Boise and The Exergy Tour late Monday (Memorial Day) so Tuesday evening was dedicated to laundry, groceries, and a short ride.  I rushed home and put a load in before driving to the grocery store.  I unloaded my bike and had one of those great rides where you just can't stop smiling for the pure joy of riding and if it weren't for my chores, I would have stayed out longer.  Back to the car and a fast trip to Whole Foods to pick up essentials but then a text from Corrie completely threw me off schedule.  The text was a picture of a mama and baby moose in the neighbor's back yard.  Not just any baby, but a 4hr old newborn!
I parked in the driveway and immediately went to check in on the little one.  Nature is amazing and time stood still while we watched the baby nurse and take some wobbly steps while mama, obviously exhausted, did her best to guide the baby around and make it's first few hours comfortable.  Since we hadn't seen all the neighbors for…