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Sprint to the Summit

We've been home for 3 weeks since our Priest Lake vacation and my workout focus has shifted from cycling to trail running.  The main objective is to survive and enjoy the Mid-Mountain Marathon in September, but my short term goal was to do well enough at the Sprint to the Summit to bring home a ceramic medal.

The Sprint to the Summit is our neighborhood trail race and potluck held every July.  It showcases our great trail system including some seriously steep sections.  There are 2 options, a 5K out-and-back along the fire road and a 12K loop up to the summit.  Most run/hike the 12K and times range from 1hr to almost 3.  No matter how well the course is flagged or described in the pre-race talk, a few new runners always take a wrong turn.  This has become part of the tradition and usually those runners come back the next year with a sense of revenge against the trail system.  The small turnout keeps the atmosphere cozy and relaxed, but competition is stiff.  Everyone finishes then…

Exergy Tour Recap - Stage 1

Boise hometown hero Kristin Armstrong crashed during the Exergy Tour Prologue leaving the locals stunned and the media focusing on her recovery and chances to make the Olympic Team.  She immediately had surgery, started riding, and made the Olympic Team in both the Road Race and Time Trial.  Fast forward to this week, as she dominates the Cascade Cycling Classic with 3 stage wins and currently holds 1st place with 2 stages remaining.  She has obviously healed, is focused, and ready to bring home another Gold medal.  All the American women are riding strong and the other countries are bringing impressive teams, so hopefully many new fans will watch and help bring women's cycling the attention they deserve.

Many of the women that will be contending for Olympic medals raced in The Exergy Tour.  As I've mentioned in my 2 previous Exergy blogs, I volunteered full time as a Traveling Course Marshal (TCM) and was literally part of the Tour.  The Tour was in May, but as I've had ti…

Penguin Allergy

I had an interesting visit to the allergy doctor yesterday. It appears that the only way I can be allergy free is move to Antarctica, continue to avoid celery, and just in case I have a penguin allergy - don't get a pet.  I guess I could test that theory with a quick trip to the zoo.

Word has it, that this spring and summer are horrible for allergies here in Utah.  A dry winter, strong winds, little rain, and who knows what else have affected almost anyone you meet.  Until I ran into the food allergy issues last year, I didn't think I had allergies to anything.  After yesterday, I'll have to plan an extra 30 minutes whenever I fill out a medical form.  I'm new to the allergy thing and have many friends that have lived with it their entire lives and get shots to manage - I'm realizing it's a real pain.  So, here's a recap of how I ended up worrying about penguin allergies.

I came home from Malaysia in November with a nasty head cold, exacerbated by the plane…

Priest Lake trumps Ski Towns for July 4th

Feeling a bit of déjà vuas we navigate south on I-15 getting our last Montana “fix” before the final stretch home.In addition to the incredible views and Terry having to relive my childhood memories and dreams of moving back someday, we also stopped in Dillon for our 3rd Taco John’s lunch in as many weekends.Taco John’s is easily Terry’s favorite restaurant and we schedule road trips to maximize our Potato Ole consumption.Now with full bellies, it’s Terry’s turn at the wheel while I blog and try to describe our last week of vacation. 
In early June, we both confirmed that work could live without us over the July 4th week and although we had tentative plans to join the Boise crew (Sharon, Rob, Leslie, Bob) in Driggs toward the end of the week, our original plan was to spend our 11th Anniversary and July 4th in Steamboat Springs.We had a downtown condo in mind, so when it became available with less than a month out, we struggled with missing out on Driggs but ultimately made the reserva…

Exergy Tour Recap - Prologue Stage

It’s been almost a month since The Exergy Tour and we’ve quickly transitioned from a cold and wet Memorial Day to hot and dry July 4th.  My thoughts go out to everyone dealing with (or hoping to prevent) destructive forest fires.  It’s a little scary right now, hopefully we get some rain soon and people are smart and leave the fireworks alone this week.
A lot has happened since last Sunday, let alone the 33 days since we finished up the last Exergy Tour stage in Boise.  I’ll get back to this last week of activity in a future post, but as promised, I wanted to explain a bit more about my volunteer position as a Traveling Course Marshal (TCM). We are fortunate to have family and close friends in Boise, so we stayed out in Meridian with Sharon, Rob, & the Pups.  Since we arrived on Wednesday evening and check-in wasn’t until Thursday afternoon, I was able to check in with family right after breakfast.  I arrived at my brother’s house and immediately jumped on a bike to join my paren…