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Cafe Koi

I just had dinner at my favorite restaurant in Calgary.  This statement might bring visions of premium cuts of beef but not for this vegan.  I anticipate my visit as soon as I book my flight and leave feeling better than after a yoga class.  The atmosphere and artistry I'm exposed to while I savor incredible food creations brings me an inner peace that is hard to explain.

I found Cafe Koi over 2 years ago on a business trip.  I searched for vegan cuisine in Calgary and although it was a long walk from my hotel, I made the trek in the rain and fell in love.  As you can imagine, every trip to Calgary, I find my way to Koi.  The past couple trips, I've stayed at Hotel Arts which is less than two blocks from Koi.  Even though the food at the hotel is top-notch, I can't turn down an opportunity to be part of the Koi community.

Every single visit, the same hard-working and considerate staff make me feel like a local and welcome me for as long as I want to soak it all in.  In suc…