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Countdown to Malaysia

I learned that I would be traveling to Malaysia last Friday and now 8 days later I’m on my first flight with over 24hrs of travel still in my future.  I land in Kuala Lumpur on Halloween afternoon and a new adventure begins.
Halloween holds a special place for us, but not for the costumes and trick-or-treaters.  Terry proposed on Halloween weekend in Italy so each year we celebrate by going out for Italian and remembering our engagement vacation across Italia.  I couldn’t have dreamed of a better husband and best friend.  Long trips are hard since we do so much together, so after a busy week for both of us, we splurged for 2 nights of Italian dinners and a mountain bike to burn off some of the calories.

The difference from our ride on Sunday and today was close to 30F.  Last Sunday, I rode Flying Dog in shorts and short-sleeves and was sweating in the sun.  Today, we were up high on the Deer Valley system and I had tights, warm gloves, and Smartwool socks and hat.  If it wasn’t my last …

Fall Mountain Biking Nirvana

Fall in Park City has been amazing!  I don't know if it was the delayed summer or the snowstorm a few weeks ago, but the colors have been spectacular.  I took close to 50 pictures on 2 mountain bike rides last weekend and brought the camera on today's ride too. Although the majority of leaves had fallen, it was still beautiful with most the single track covered in the colors.  Since we went with friends, I also took a few videos but I will need to edit before posting.  We had a blast and will likely go again tomorrow. You never know when the snow will return and the season will be over.
There is a new trail this year called Armstrong and it wins my Best-of-the-Year award.  Uphill traffic only allows for an hour climb with no worries about "bomber downhill" riders.  There are a couple switchbacks that open up to a view of Park City Mountain Resort and the past few weekends have mandated a picture stop.  Armstrong dumps right into Mid-Mountain with a choice to head to…

Socks, Bottles, & Snow

We had our 1st snowstorm of the season last week and although the last couple days have brought warmer temps, we still have piles of snow under the roof lines.  The snow is usually here to stay by Halloween, but the first weekend in October was a rude awakening.  We still hadn't finished the roof repairs, put away the patio furniture, or moved the worm bin inside!

Many of the trees in the neighborhood were also surprised by the amount of snow.  The aspens kept their leaves and have been putting on a color show all week.

We were planning to get in a couple quality mountain bike rides last weekend, but opted to save the single track and hit the road.  Our rides reminded us of riding in Italy last winter - quiet, beautiful, and a bit chilly.
I also joined the girls on Sunday morning for a trail run.  The single track was in decent shape until the very end where a few sunny switchbacks were thawing out resulting in a slippery descent.

Since Fall hit a few weeks ago, I've been liv…

Mailbox Monday

I've had a fixation on our neighborhood mailboxes since we moved here 8 years ago and am excited to share some of my favorites with all of you!  We have a homeowner's association that covers important items like fire prevention, dumpster days, and fun runs but luckily the mailboxes aren't standardized.  The result is a mountainside full of personality and ingenuity displayed at the end of each driveway.

Giro d'Jenny Definition
Mailbox = The entire structure required to receive mail from the USPS and survive in the natural environment.

During my walks, I like to picture the family that owns the mailbox and the related story.  One day I'd like to create a coffee table book where there is a combination of professional mailbox photos and the stories of their owners.  I figure it will be a relic when the USPS finally shuts down and sales will skyrocket.  Most of my photos will be on the fly but if I can get some interviews, then maybe I can get Kurt Keller Photography t…

Boise Blur Road Trip

We’ve been trying to get to Boise for months, but finally pulled the trigger last Thursday.  The next 4 days were a blur.  I flew home from Vancouver and shoveled down 2 bowls of pasta since I hadn’t eaten much that day due to the celery issue.  It turns out, when you start looking for celery, it is everywhere.  We then packed for Boise and crashed for a few hours before we backed out of the garage for a 6am start. Maybe a little background on Boise would help explain why our visits are always hectic.  We got engaged and needed a place to call home since commuting between MT and FL wasn’t going to work.  We chose Boise, bought our 1st home in the Spring, got married in the Summer, hosted Thanksgiving, and the next day decided to move to Montana.  I don’t know if those last 2 are related but we’ve hosted since and have stayed put so I think it must have been a fluke.  It would be easy if we only had to visit our friends that live in Boise, but both of our siblings also live there with…