Boise Blur Road Trip

We’ve been trying to get to Boise for months, but finally pulled the trigger last Thursday.  The next 4 days were a blur.  I flew home from Vancouver and shoveled down 2 bowls of pasta since I hadn’t eaten much that day due to the celery issue.  It turns out, when you start looking for celery, it is everywhere.  We then packed for Boise and crashed for a few hours before we backed out of the garage for a 6am start.
Maybe a little background on Boise would help explain why our visits are always hectic.  We got engaged and needed a place to call home since commuting between MT and FL wasn’t going to work.  We chose Boise, bought our 1st home in the Spring, got married in the Summer, hosted Thanksgiving, and the next day decided to move to Montana.  I don’t know if those last 2 are related but we’ve hosted since and have stayed put so I think it must have been a fluke.  It would be easy if we only had to visit our friends that live in Boise, but both of our siblings also live there with their families.  And rather than all 4 living somewhat close to each other, they are spread across the valley.  Visits require a lot of coordination.
Boise Biking Buddies
Last weekend, we had 2 added challenges.  Terry’s parents drove down from MT upping the relative count to 10.  My sister-in-law was in town, but at a 5th location relaxing with her girlfriends.  We knew we had our work cut out for us.
We rolled into town around noon on Friday and left at 5am on Monday.  In between, we visited each family at least 2 times, got in 3 bike rides, watched a soccer game, went out for dinner twice, visited the zoo, and attended a birthday party. It was a great trip and so awesome to spend time with everyone!
Road Trip Nirvana
Proud of my Soccer Superstar
Love the Giraffes
Gopher Bubble Boy
The Boys in Search of an Anteater
Auntie Jenny can't say no to the Giraffe Slide
I worked in the car Friday but slept on Monday.  Good thing Terry enjoys driving so much and drinks coffee!  After work, I set up my worm composting bin, bought groceries, unpacked, and did laundry.  I think I might have done my last mtb ride on Tuesday with the snowstorm hitting today.  The views were gorgeous and I felt strong, so if it is time to hang up the knee-pads for the skis, I’ve made my peace.
I'm in the Worm Bin Business
Mountain Bike View - Storm on the Horizon
I flew to Calgary on Wednesday and it has been raining for 2 days.  Tonight I hung out at a fun veggie restaurant that was packed thanks to open-mic nite.  Home tomorrow to help shovel snow, hope my worms survived.

Buddha Bowl at Koi Cafe