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March Madness

We are enjoying a quiet night. We were home by 5:30 but instead of working out, went right for pajamas and t-shirt blankets. I'm flipping between 3 different ESPN channels trying to watch as much women's basketball as possible, while Terry has retreated to headphones and a movie on the iPad.  The last 5 days were non-stop and absolutely fantastic, but it is nice to take a breather.

My brother made plans last year to visit during his spring break in order to watch the NCAA basketball tournament.  As the trip neared, we started adding other activities to keep my sister-in-law and nephews entertained while we were at the games.  My parents asked to join the fun last week and quickly put plans together to bus down and drive their new car home.

Eric arrived Wednesday evening, Emily and the boys on Thursday evening, and my parents on Sunday evening.  The visit gave a whole new meaning to March Madness.  We packed in tons of activities and I had a blast with my nephews.  It was sad t…

St Patrick's Week

There are several great things about a March birthday. I can almost always ski, sometimes cycle, St Pat's is only a week away, and March Madness is right after that and carries me thru to April.  The entire month feels like one big celebration.  More on March Madness later, which starts today and I'm so excited I'm blogging at six am on my vacation day.  Maybe I'm still coming off the high of a week long St Patrick's celebration.

We finished up our birthday celebration on Sunday with a great ski day, then I took a few days off before getting my Irish on.  Last year, I wrote about growing up in Anaconda and Butte surrounded by others with (and without) Irish heritage along with pictures from our 4th Salt Lake City St Pat's parade.  It was cold and raining last year, but this year the temperatures were in the 60s all week so it was looking very promising.

My first St Pat's showing was last Wednesday.  Our cycling class had discussed dressing up as we cooled d…

40th Birthday Weekend

Several weeks ago, I started freaking out about my upcoming 40th birthday. Sometime in early February, I began to realize that I was doing things for the last time in my 30s, and I got a little spooked.  What if I hadn't done enough in my 30s, what was I missing out on, what if I looked back and had too many should have/could haves?  The questions didn't consume my thoughts, but did make me realize all the amazing things I did do in my 30s.  Writing the 30 Best Moves in My 30s blog was very therapeutic and I've returned to it almost daily the past few weeks. It serves as a reminder that if I did all this without a to-do list in mind, imagine what my 40s will be with some added effort or even an official "50 things to do before you're 50" list. I actually went from freak out to I'm ready!

The celebration started early when my parent's present arrived on Wednesday.  I had no idea it was coming and was shocked to find 40 individually wrapped presents, a …

My New Mountain Bike - Part II

When I left off with My New Mountain Bike - Part I, we were about to walk into Slim and Knobby's to purchase our 2nd 29er. Since Terry was extremely happy with his Specialized Epic Expert, the plan was to purchase my Rocky Mountain Element 950 RSL in order to have 2 different bikes that we could compare and continue to share.  We had heard great things about Rocky Mountain and hoped to at least take one for a spin around the parking lot and then make a decision.  Since it was a big purchase and we also had other items to order, Terry had called ahead and arranged a time to meet with the owner.

Things were hopping when we walked in with several customers shopping and others talking with the mechanics.  They have an open maintenance area in the back, so you can see and chat with everyone while repairs are in process.  We said hello to Duff and the crew, then went off to browse while Duff finished up with a customer.

My goal was to straddle a Rocky Mountain and try to compare the fit…

My New Mountain Bike - Part I

I realize it is early March and mountain bike season is a few months away, but there is a possessive pronoun battle going on in our house and it will soon need to be settled.  The game of my, your, our is being well played but the winner has yet to be chosen.  The outcome will likely go in favor of Terry as far as pronouns go, but actual ownership could be determined by riding time.

It all began a year ago, Terry bought the family's 1st 29er in April after researching and working with our local bike shop that sponsors our cycling club.  It is a 2012 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29 in white with black details.  I won't bore you with a component rundown, but feel free to take a moment and check out the 2013 specs.  
Although we both needed new mountain bikes, we made the decision to only buy one.  The 1st reason was strictly budgetary.  The 2nd is that we didn't want the exact same bikes.  Sure, with our club deal, we could have gotten one in each color, but we weren'…