March Madness

We are enjoying a quiet night. We were home by 5:30 but instead of working out, went right for pajamas and t-shirt blankets. I'm flipping between 3 different ESPN channels trying to watch as much women's basketball as possible, while Terry has retreated to headphones and a movie on the iPad.  The last 5 days were non-stop and absolutely fantastic, but it is nice to take a breather.

My brother made plans last year to visit during his spring break in order to watch the NCAA basketball tournament.  As the trip neared, we started adding other activities to keep my sister-in-law and nephews entertained while we were at the games.  My parents asked to join the fun last week and quickly put plans together to bus down and drive their new car home.

Eric arrived Wednesday evening, Emily and the boys on Thursday evening, and my parents on Sunday evening.  The visit gave a whole new meaning to March Madness.  We packed in tons of activities and I had a blast with my nephews.  It was sad to have everyone leave this morning, but we made the most of our time together and hopefully we'll see them all again real soon.
7 games in 3 days and no fighting - Mom & Dad would be proud
Checking out Aly's 1st row seats
Mike, Matt, and Eric - great to see Montana friends
Friday Night Fun with the Boys and Parley
Definitely my brother's sons
Saturday Morning Sledding Session - 2hrs in 20F
Bowling Party and Lunch
Saturday NCAA games with the boys
Old roommates gaming between games
Sunday Ski Day at PCMR
Hanging in the Park
Apres Ski Sledding Party - if only Alex and Trace were here too
Monkey Business
Monday Night Dinner and Jazz Game
Proof that Terry was still smiling after 5 days of March Madness with my family - love you!