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Fall Colors and Produce

Fall officially starts tomorrow and the trees have been preparing all week for their grand opening.

Saturday morning, four of us from the neighborhood went for a girls trail run.  I hadn't been running for weeks due to knee pain from my 12 mile "Wasatch100 pacer test run".  I have been able to cycle, but miss the running and was anxious to test myself.  Things were good for the first 3 miles of uphill, but the pain returned as soon as we started down.  Ugh, so frustrating.  I slowed to a walk  and took the shortcut back to the car.  It was still a great day with awesome girlfriends and amazing fall colors.

We went out for a few hours on the road bikes Sunday afternoon with all 3 of us trying to "out-injury" each other.  Injuries always provide good excuses but nothing was serious and we all survived.  In addition to the cold mornings and dark evenings, the shoulder season has arrived and the quiet is a nice change.

Each week, I receive a mystery selection of …

My Head is going to Explode

September arrived and brought along shorter nights, cold mornings, fall colors, and for me.. a sinus head cold.  As I boarded the plane last week with a sore throat, I was hoping it was from the crummy inversion but I wasn't so lucky.  After the flight to Seattle, 2 long days of meetings, and the flight home, my body decided to stop fighting it and just let the pressure build.  I'm happy to report that after a week of rest, Neti pot, and tea; the pressure is gone and I'm feeling better.

Obviously life still went on, so let's get to the good stuff and stop the whining.

My flight to Seattle was entertaining - see my work blog.  My hotel was a block from Whole Foods and 4 blocks from the Marymoor Park which is huge!  As in 26000 acres and 175miles of trail.  Just in the areas I walked, there was a velodrome and bikes you could rent, climbing wall, and fields specific for cricket, rugby, softball and flying model airplanes.  I really wanted to see some cyclists in the velo…

Labor Day Stay-cation in Park City

Labor Day has come and gone in a blur.  We packed so much in over the past few days, I was very content to work from home today and catch a breath.  Off to Seattle tomorrow for work so enjoying the evening at home on the front porch.

I flew to Vancouver, BC Thursday afternoon for meetings on Friday. I was able to spend a few hours at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  Once you walked in and became part of the ecosystem, it was easy to forget you were only a couple miles from downtown.

We jumped right into the weekend with a Sat morning mountain bike.  Up the new Armstrong trail to Mid-Mountain and back to PCMR on Spiro.  Great company and perfect conditions!  Only one minor crash and it wasn't one of us - now there's a first.  A few hours relaxing on the porch and then dinner in Park City.  We were disappointed with our meal, especially since we didn't have a 2-for-1 discount and paid full price.

Sunday was Terry's choice, so we headed out on the road bikes after housewo…