Fall Colors and Produce

Fall Colors and Sun Beams
Fall officially starts tomorrow and the trees have been preparing all week for their grand opening.

Trail Run Overlook - Ski Jump, Clouds, and Colors

Saturday morning, four of us from the neighborhood went for a girls trail run.  I hadn't been running for weeks due to knee pain from my 12 mile "Wasatch100 pacer test run".  I have been able to cycle, but miss the running and was anxious to test myself.  Things were good for the first 3 miles of uphill, but the pain returned as soon as we started down.  Ugh, so frustrating.  I slowed to a walk  and took the shortcut back to the car.  It was still a great day with awesome girlfriends and amazing fall colors.

Weeknight MTB
Did we walk or ride this?

We went out for a few hours on the road bikes Sunday afternoon with all 3 of us trying to "out-injury" each other.  Injuries always provide good excuses but nothing was serious and we all survived.  In addition to the cold mornings and dark evenings, the shoulder season has arrived and the quiet is a nice change.

Each week, I receive a mystery selection of produce called the SFF (Sustainably Farmed Food).  I began a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle 2 years ago so the SFF constitutes a large portion of my weekly meals.  As long as I can find the time, I enjoy trying new recipes and haven't run into many items that I dislike.  Terry looks forward to the cheese selection each week but keeps his distance from 90% of the produce, so I have it all to myself.
SFF Bounty and a few Staples

Today I cooked the zucchini and potatoes from last week and this afternoon picked up my new bundle.  You can see the collard greens, peaches, figs, and apples below along with pears from last week.
SFF Fruit and Greens

There are a few blogs that I frequently visit for recipes, but tonight used a new site that might be a keeper.
Beginnings for a Peach and Roasted Beet Salad
You can enter your dislikes or diet restrictions (ie vegan) and then enter your ingredients or what you're craving and it searches selected recipe blogs for options.

First off was a batch of quinoa and collard greens in the rice cooker.  I usually use one of the Daily Garnish recipes each week.  Then roasted beets for a peach and beet salad I'll make tomorrow.  Finally, I sauteed the beet greens with walnuts and raisins.  Dinner was a spoonful of everything and delicious.  Nothing beats fresh organic produce!


  1. Awesome post! That gojee website looks sweet too!

  2. Wow - you'll be skiing in no time!


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