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Three Time Zones in Three Weeks

As October wraps up, I've had a chance to experience Fall in 3 different time zones thanks to two weeks of business travel with a week in between at home.  Both trips were very successful but I had little private time where I wasn't trying to catch a couple hours sleep, let alone blog.  I did take a few pictures to capture the month that always marks a transition from Fall to Winter, at least if you aren't in California.
The 1st week was a Monday to Friday journey to San Francisco.  I really love the contrast of the city to our resort town.  I flew in and used my feet and public transit all week long, had endless vegan eating options, and could always count on recycling/composting options.  The city is fun, lively, and diverse as are my coworkers and others attending our annual conference.  After productive days that transitioned into long nights at dinner and even one that ended with private room karaoke,  I was ready to return home Friday evening.
Rob and Sharon were at …

More Moose

Ever since the waterfall has been running, we've been blessed with wildlife visits.  Throughout July, it was a little of everything and then in early September, the moose made themselves comfortable for several days.  We hadn't seen them for a few weeks and assumed they left before the snow, but last Sunday, I woke up to see them chilling on the front lawn.
See Mailbox Monday 29Sep2013

Aren't they cute?  Maybe not cute, but incredibly distracting and amazing to watch.  In fact, we are so happy they choose our house that it is easy to overlook the steaming pile of moose droppings, pee ponds, and hoof holes everywhere!  If anyone knows how to train moose to walk on flagstone, please let me know.

We watched the mama and calf welcome the day, including seeing the calf milk once mama stood up.  Then, the quiet morning ended as they quickly moved to the backyard.  Naively, we assumed it was for a drink from the waterfall but we were quickly set straight.  A bull moose sauntered …