Three Time Zones in Three Weeks

As October wraps up, I've had a chance to experience Fall in 3 different time zones thanks to two weeks of business travel with a week in between at home.  Both trips were very successful but I had little private time where I wasn't trying to catch a couple hours sleep, let alone blog.  I did take a few pictures to capture the month that always marks a transition from Fall to Winter, at least if you aren't in California.

The 1st week was a Monday to Friday journey to San Francisco.  I really love the contrast of the city to our resort town.  I flew in and used my feet and public transit all week long, had endless vegan eating options, and could always count on recycling/composting options.  The city is fun, lively, and diverse as are my coworkers and others attending our annual conference.  After productive days that transitioned into long nights at dinner and even one that ended with private room karaoke,  I was ready to return home Friday evening.

Lunch walk in Park City before flying to San Francisco
Rewarded with nice views on an early morning run
Hotel Room View - no complaints
City Evening - between work and dinner
Rob and Sharon were at the house when I got home, passing thru on their way south.  I was on Pacific Time Zone, so staying up to talk wasn't a big deal.  We enjoyed breakfast out and then they were off and we headed to the trails.  Fall hasn't been as spectacular this year in Park City, but it still was a beautiful change to the concrete of the city.  We had a great day and tried to repeat it on Sunday, but we didn't get out before the rain/snow arrived. 

Jenni's on PCMR
Mid-Mountain on PCMR
Spiro Intersection - looking right
Spiro Intersection - looking left
Spiro Intersection - looking ahead
Sunday - all layered up, but too wet to even start

The 2nd week was a mix of days worked at home and in the Park City office back in Mountain Time Zone.  I was able to catch up on errands, appointments, and gym classes.  The weekend was chilly but dry, so we did a bike ride with Christian and Corrie and the girls then headed into the mountains.  CB did over 30 minutes his 1st ride out and we were all so happy to have him riding again!  We winterized on Sunday morning, including a trip to Patagonia for ski gear, then enjoyed an afternoon road ride.

Everyone is Happy that CB is getting Healthier everyday
Armstrong looking at PCMR
The 3rd week was a trip to Ohio and the Eastern Time Zone.  More dinners,  driving to site (including one morning in the snow), workshops, and catching up on email before going to sleep.  It was a busy 4 days but yet another successful and fun trip.  By Thursday, my body was finally getting used to the early mornings so I snuck in a gym workout before flying out.

Corn Field in Ohio
It was nice to get home to Mountain Time Zone and have time Friday at lunch to swim laps in the Utah sun.  Fall is still alive in the mountains but many of the leaves have fallen in anticipation of Winter.  Snow is in the forecast for early next week, just in time for Halloween and the start of November.