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Denver Storm Leads to San Francisco Luxury

This week the plan was to have two normal work days, two travel days, and possibly a Friday off or at least the afternoon.

Monday's emails turned that plan into dust and required all work engines to go on full power. My manager went on vacation and all of a sudden I was putting out two sets of fires. Monday and Tuesday were long days and plenty stressful. My saving grace on Monday was a night of women's basketball and on Tuesday, a long lunch with the girls to celebrate our birthdays. It was fun to catch up and have a glass of Meiomi before going back to more chaos.

The alarm went off at 4:23a on Wednesday. It was still spitting after Tuesday's minor snowstorm, but nothing major for the drive to the airport. My flight to Denver was scheduled for 6:55a. I would visit three companies with my colleague, then hustle back to the airport for a late flight from DEN to SLC to OAK in order to make an all day meeting in Oakland on Thursday. Everything was going to have to be perfect…

Homesick for Montana

Another week without a trip to the airport! Compared to last week's mix of work and appointments, I settled into a nice schedule this week. I slept in my own bed, didn't eat a single meal in or from a restaurant, and worked out every day. It all ends in a couple days, but it was good while it lasted.

As I look back on my week at home, like I do every Sunday evening, I realize it's bringing up emotions I didn't expect. I'm happy, frustrated, and most of all homesick. How could this be? Let's knock out the first two. Happy for the last week at home and spending quality time with Terry. Frustrated that I haven't found a solution at work to reduce my travel and that I'm looking forward to surgery in order to be able to take time off and not travel per doctor's orders. Got to fix that!

Homesick. Sure, I'm homesick in anticipation of not being home the next two weeks. Even more so, I'm homesick for Montana. Strange that it took a blog to put it al…

The Wait is Over, Shoulder Surgery Confirmed

I didn't see an airport all week and if luck holds, this week will be the same. Instead of airport waiting areas, I got my fill of office waiting rooms. I had scheduled "No Travel" on my work calendar back in January knowing that I wanted to spend my birthday week at home. Terry did the same. This past week was the 1st week all year we've been at home together. I took advantage and booked every medical and financial appointment I could, including shoulder consults.

I kicked off the week with my annual exam. I'm a vegan with high cholesterol (ugh) so I fast for blood work and get the earliest appointment. I only had a few minutes in the waiting room and had it all to myself. Not as entertaining as taking the early flight out of SLC, but much more peaceful.

Tuesday, I squeezed in work around two appointments. In the morning, I went to an MRI review with the orthopedic surgeon. I had been told that the MRI report stated no tears two weeks prior, but my body wasn'…

American Women Cyclists Representing in US, Italy, and London

This week let's start with the women's cycling update!

Domestically, Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling made it back on the top step of the podium at the Tour of the Southern Highlands. Nina won Saturday and Sara finished 2nd on Sunday, which gave her the overall win. Lauren clocked in a 2nd place at the Frostbite TT, while the SLC crew raced the local crit series.

In Italy, twelve American women were racing the Strade Bianche, including defending champ Megan Guarnier. Unfortunately, there was no live coverage, but enough on twitter to wake up early and follow the final 20k. Megan's teammate Lizzie Armitstead took the win and Megan finished 6th. Need more info, the best women's cycling coverage is at and Ella Cycling Tips. For example, take a look at this Strade Bianche Photo Gallery from Ella and VĂ©lofocus - then get ready to move to Italy with me!

American women are also representing in London at the Track Cycling World Championships. Sarah Hammer, Chl…