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Thanksgiving for Two

We are finishing up 5 days of Thanksgiving Holidays and our total time in a vehicle comes in under 3hrs!  Not what we were planning earlier this week, but it all turned out for the best and we are well rested.

The plan was to visit my family in Montana where there would be at least 8 adults and 4 young children at Thanksgiving Dinner and plenty of other activities with family and friends throughout the weekend.  We would drive Wednesday afternoon and come home Monday to make sure we got 4 full days.

It started to unravel on Tuesday night when sleep took importance over packing.  I went to bed at 5p still wiped out from the sinus infection and Terry worked until early morning on a bid.  We woke up Wednesday determined to make a decision during the morning on whether we would leave that afternoon or Thursday morning.  There was no question that we both needed more sleep by the time we finished working on Wednesday so we took naps instead of hitting the road with the rest of America.  Th…

Happy to be Home even with Jet Lag and Sinus Infection

It feels so good to be home.  In fact, I've only left the house a few times since returning Friday afternoon.  This is mainly due to the jet lag and sinus infection I brought home with me, but also because there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be right now.  Cuddled under the t-shirt quilt with a cup of tea staring at our log walls is extremely relaxing.  Especially knowing that in less than 48hrs, we are back on the road for Thanksgiving.

The trip home was long, but uneventful.  We arrived in Taipei on time and I had plenty of time to go for a walk, send out the blogs I wrote on the flight, and then change into my compression tights for the 11hrs to LAX.  I had a great seat and after a few hours sleep, watched 3 movies and did some reading.

We had flown thru LAX International last year and it was miserable so I reminded myself that no matter what happened it couldn't be that bad.  It took just as long to clear customs and baggage claim, but at least this time there was…

Kuala Lumpur by Taxi (KL Tourist Part II)

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m on the flight from KL to Taipei and very wordy as I try to wrap up the last 3 days in Kuala Lumpur.  I’m also very excited to be headed home to my wonderful husband and concentrating on writing is providing a good release for my energy.  Terry has been working crazy hours while I’ve been gone, taking care of the house and the dramas that go with it, and very understanding as I’ve tried to concentrate on this trip.  He has also been patient with the time zone difference as we skype each morning and night.  We’ve been able to touch base each day, but it has been difficult for both of us and we have been counting down the hours until I’m home. My roommate had a rough night on Tuesday with her cold (sinus infection?) so our first task on Wednesday was a walk to the international clinic.  The doctor assessed her symptoms and his first comment was that with her blood type, she should be a vegetarian and embrace ginger.  She paid for the visit and antibi…

Market Madness, Bat Caves, and Downtown KL (KL Tourist Part I)

We’ve just flown over the east coast of Malaysia and are headed for Taipei.  There is nothing but South China Sea below me for the next 4hrs so a good time to capture my thoughts and will post later.  I’ve scored a window exit row on this flight and then an aisle exit on the 12hr flight from Taipei to LAX.  I can’t wait to be home but have to stay in LA overnight before actually getting to SLC at 1p on Friday, so I need to relax and settle in for the next 41hrs of travel.  If you are trying to do the math, I left the condo today, Thursday at 11:30a which was Wed 8:30p SLC time. I left off in my last post on Sunday afternoon in Mont Kiara.  I finished off the day with a swim workout and then dinner at the condo.  The pool was great and the salt water (no chlorine) was very refreshing and might have even helped with my raw throat and cold.  I couldn't help but think about how many people were possibly looking down on me since there are 8 high-rise condo buildings surrounding the po…

Mont Kiara Microcosm

I've been in Kuala Lumpur, and more specifically the Mont Kiara area, for 4 days and am living a more normal life now that I'm in a condo rather than hotel.  Mont Kiara is a global condominium township and with 2 International Schools, attracts a large expatriate population.  The stores and restaurants cater to the Japanese and Korean majority but a website I found states that over 30 nationalities are represented in Mont Kiara and the grocery store has something for everyone.  If the restaurants and market don't have what you are after, there is also a McDonald's and Starbucks that are consistently packed.
We spent Thursday recovering from our travels to Labuan and Manila and getting some work done.  I enjoyed eating all 3 meals at home rather than having to choose from the hotel buffet or menu.  Oatmeal, PB Sandwich, and Lentil Soup never tasted so good.  Unfortunately, there is heavy pollution here too and it takes away from our view of the city.  The rains come thr…