Thanksgiving for Two

We are finishing up 5 days of Thanksgiving Holidays and our total time in a vehicle comes in under 3hrs!  Not what we were planning earlier this week, but it all turned out for the best and we are well rested.

The plan was to visit my family in Montana where there would be at least 8 adults and 4 young children at Thanksgiving Dinner and plenty of other activities with family and friends throughout the weekend.  We would drive Wednesday afternoon and come home Monday to make sure we got 4 full days.

It started to unravel on Tuesday night when sleep took importance over packing.  I went to bed at 5p still wiped out from the sinus infection and Terry worked until early morning on a bid.  We woke up Wednesday determined to make a decision during the morning on whether we would leave that afternoon or Thursday morning.  There was no question that we both needed more sleep by the time we finished working on Wednesday so we took naps instead of hitting the road with the rest of America.  Thursday morning we woke to a phone call that was following up a very early text from Montana.  Most of the house was up all night puking and the flu had set in. (I think my 5yr old nephew won with 10 vomits.)  We decided it was all meant to be and settled in for our Thanksgiving for Two.

A quick trip for dinner supplies was great entertainment.  Everyone should visit Walmart at least once on Thanksgiving (not at 10p, but 10a) and watch the logistics that take place to prepare for Black Friday.  It was quite impressive.  Of course, there were plenty of shoppers getting their last minute items but the groups of ski bum boys shopping for their 1st Thanksgiving away from home was priceless.  I wonder how the bacon-wrapped turkey turned out?  By contrast, Whole Foods was busy with a different crowd and the workers were winding down rather than ramping up.  We loaded up our dinner fixings and headed home.

Thanksgiving Dinner
You may be wondering what we would eat for Thanksgiving, especially when we got to plan the menu.  Well, it was perfect and we may have started a new non-traditional tradition.  I made a favorite curry dish with kale, red lentils, and garbanzo beans along with mashed potatoes made with almond milk.  Terry made a very meaty and cheesy lasagna that was so good he has eaten it for dinner 4 nights straight!
Lasagna Masterpiece
With neighbors and friends away, we just hung out by ourselves and enjoyed the time together since we had been apart the prior 3 weeks.  We started some house projects, watched football and movies, and slept a ton.  I also read 2 books - a new author and a new favorite author.    We aren't shoppers so Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday came and went without much notice.  Terry got in 4 road rides and I went for hikes and joined him on the bike the last 2 days as I finally started feeling better.  The roads were quiet and even though it was cold, we had a great time and burned enough calories to eat more leftovers.  We missed spending time with family and friends but hearing that the flu had hit the rest of the house by Saturday, we were glad we stayed home.  This Thanksgiving for Two will be one to remember and  I'm thankful that no turkeys were harmed in the process!

Heber Valley Ride