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Recovery is defined as the restoration to a former or better condition.  While Terry continues to recover from his back injury, I have been transitioning from recovery to recovery the past two weeks.

It all started with a business trip to California.  We had an offsite in Marin County for 48hrs and then transitioned to our office in San Francisco for an annual company party and other events.  It was an amazing trip and fantastic to spend quality time with my coworkers.  Three of us took advantage of being in town during the America's Cup and we got up early Saturday to soak in the atmosphere before flying home.
I woke up Sunday in my own bed after four very full days and started my California Recovery.  The trip was very good from a business perspective and we accomplished plenty, but it was also a test in staying power.  Many of my coworkers are in their twenties and probably don't have to worry about recovery yet.  They were able to exercise, workshop all day, drink all even…

Moose Visits

Update on last week's post: Terry is feeling better, but still in pain.  The MRI results confirmed damage along his spine, but the plan for now is to medicate and recover while avoiding surgery.  He is doing better, but not ready to fly to Italy, ride for 2 weeks, plus spend one of those weeks standing at bicycle races after riding all morning.  Alas, we've made the decision to cancel the trip.  We are definitely bummed to miss out on all the adventures, but recovery is more important.

It rained most the day last Sunday and throughout the week, which is quite unusual.  Although, as we see flood coverage from Colorado, there is no room to complain about a week's worth of rain.  We were fortunate to be on the edge of the storm and not have any destruction.

Since we couldn't get out last Sunday, we were blessed with entertaining moose visits.  As the rain backed off, mama came down for a drink and walk-about.  We watched her expertly maneuver the waterfall to hydrate and …

Labor Day Weekend Adjustments

In my last post, I mentioned we were having quite the Labor Day Weekend adventure.  Unfortunately it wasn't what was planned but we adjusted.  It all goes back to last summer and our Fourth of July vacation to Priest Lake.  There seems to be a holiday theme happening here, I'm going to be watchful next summer.

Terry injured his back on that trip.  He did something minor mid-week and then the last day, hit a bump on a stream crossing and did full damage.  I drove home while he tried to survive 12 hours in the car.  The prognosis once he had an MRI and several doctor visits was a herniated disc with fluid and fragments and so on.  The doctors agreed that since he had actually started recovering over the week of visits, that surgery could be delayed.  If they had seen him the day it happened, they said no question, they would have gone in.
He spent most of July and August in pain but doing rehab, shots, and whatever it took to get back on his bike.  He gradually went from mounta…

August Catch Up

I really have no excuses for my lack of blogging this past 5 weeks.  The easiest explanation is I'm having too much fun living life and taking advantage of every opportunity that crosses my path.

Now that September has arrived, the guilt has set in and I need to share a few stories and pictures from August.  Last week, I traveled for a few days and came home to shorter days, fall colors, and colder nights.  Although I'm not ready for summer to end, the recent rains and changing colors have transformed the single track into awesome.
There will be plenty of fall mountain bike adventures told in the coming weeks, but now it's time to catch up on August.

Business Trip to Arkansas
A team of three of us flew out for a weeklong workshop and made the most of the region.  This was one of my more challenges trips as a vegan both due to the client relationship and the area, but I survived.

Our hotel was next to a fantastic bike trail system, so each morning I got out for a run or bike…