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Not Skiing in Park City

I can count on one hand the times I've been skiing this season. The last time I rode a chairlift, it was raining in the parking lot. The last time I skate skied, I wore a baseball hat and had to avoid pockets of slush and grass.

Bad conditions aren't the only reason I haven't been partaking in Park City's #1 winter activity. Terry's back surgery recovery is on track, but he isn't allowed to ski (or ride outside) until the end of March. Although he's told me to go, there is something about skiing without him that takes the fun out of it. I'd rather ride on the trainer for a good hour or go on a recovery walk with him.

Terry's been walking so much he developed minor plantar fasciitis. He got a pair of Hokas last weekend and didn't miss a step. We've covered Main Street almost every weekend as well as all the popular rail trails that sadly have completely melted over the last few weeks. We've never spent so much time downtown and the touris…