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All I Wanted Was Hooks! (Basement Remodel Part 1)

During the winter, we use the downstairs bedroom as our snow clothing walk-in closet. Whether skiing or snow blowing, we change in the bedroom and the base layers and gore-tex end up everywhere. We don't have hooks, so the wet gear hangs on the furniture and by the time it's dry, it's time to go out and play in the snow again.

We've been talking about storage hooks and cabinets in the entry for years, but never found anything worth getting excited about. In December, we were eating breakfast in town and Terry pulled a business card off the bulletin board for a local woodworker. We met with him one evening to show him the entry and clicked.  He immediately understood our vision/frustration, provided several creative ideas, and after a couple hours, we had a game-plan and it included hooks!

The plan going into January was an entry bench and cabinet storage combo, an improved shoe storage system under the stairs, and a shelf with hooks! We went through a couple design rev…

30 Days of Biking: Here we go again

Last year, I signed up for 30 Days of Biking thanks to Twitter friend Melissa. During the month of April, I challenged myself physically and mentally to complete all 30 days, most outside. The challenge was fun and provided a good base for a long summer of riding. This year I pledged again along with 6974 others across the globe. The pledges doubled that of last year and resulted in 232 Free Bikes for Kidz (1 for every 30 pledges)!

Motivation comes in many forms. Knowing that I'm accountable to tweet a photo to #30daysofbiking each day is a big one.  The 200+ children that are getting a bike which includes freedom, exercise, and adventure is another. My family and friends that supported me last year and are excited about 2014 is a huge factor. Finally, this amazing idea was born in Minnesota, where April weather must be more challenging than Park City, so there are no excuses to bundling up and promoting cycling.

1st Half Update: This year has been more challenging than last. I do…

March Goal Review

Ride4Equality Update: Thank you all for the support and interest in Ride 4 Equality - please check out the blog page as I add more details.  Also follow on FB, Twitter, and

My personal March Madness is over but just like the Final Four, it has bled over into April. My back continued to heal with no major setbacks and I finally got the courage to do some shoveling this afternoon. I'm still not on top of all my goals for 2014 but did make progress in certain areas. I realize at the end of Q1 that my goals were quite aggressive, but I'm not giving up and will continue to use them to shape my decisions.
March Summary A1: Finished 2 books. Getting to 4 is going to be tough - need to carve out more time. - The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo. Harry Hole Detective Series doesn't disappoint.  - State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Makes you think - not sure if I would be up for such an adventure.
A2: Wrote 4 blogs. With cycling around the corner and the pro season in full swing…