March Goal Review

Ride4Equality Update: Thank you all for the support and interest in Ride 4 Equality - please check out the blog page as I add more details.  Also follow on FB, Twitter, and

My personal March Madness is over but just like the Final Four, it has bled over into April. My back continued to heal with no major setbacks and I finally got the courage to do some shoveling this afternoon. I'm still not on top of all my goals for 2014 but did make progress in certain areas. I realize at the end of Q1 that my goals were quite aggressive, but I'm not giving up and will continue to use them to shape my decisions.  

March Summary
A1: Finished 2 books. Getting to 4 is going to be tough - need to carve out more time.
- The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo. Harry Hole Detective Series doesn't disappoint. 
- State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Makes you think - not sure if I would be up for such an adventure.

A2: Wrote 4 blogs. With cycling around the corner and the pro season in full swing, lots on my mind. I've also picked up Mailbox Monday again. Next step toward the coffee table book is interviewing the owners. (Long Term goal)

A3: Only 1 week out of 4 with a trip back to Cincinnati, which wasn't very exciting but always good for people watching.

A4: Have stopped the weekly produce bag and found a local solution for meals! We have been sampling options and will be working on a set menu with the chef. It's a joyous day when I come home with our weekly delivery!  I'm still making staples like quinoa & kale and salads, but not spending the hours on prepping and cooking.

B1: I passed up guinness and live Irish music on St Pat's in order to go to my bodywork appointment and had absolutely no regrets. I usually don't pick the music, but on this occasion had Nelson turn up the Celtic tunes.  My shoulders were holding so much stress it was a good reminder to try and let go of my work emotion and lists. (Long Term goal)
I did not pass up on St Pat's at work

B2: Haven't been back to yoga class yet because of my back, but planning to try again next week. We did take another private yoga session with Tiffany, who Terry has to thank for a happy back! I'm not as diligent as Terry, but have been practicing several times a week

B3:  Most of my spare time was spent on women's cycling, like other months. Best to follow @girojenny for all the race results as the season and my Women's Cycling page for more websites. In addition, I woke up one morning after tossing and turning with my Ride4Equality idea that I'm hoping becomes reality.  The struggle at the moment is coming up with time to organize my thoughts and gain momentum.  The feedback and support I've received in just 2 weeks is awesome!

The Montana Tech Alumni St Pat's parade was a good time as always!  Charlie the Oredigger made an appearance and we had a good showing.  

B4: We celebrated our birthday dinner with wonderful friends, that we haven't spent enough time with over the last month. Family friends from Montana were in SLC and we met up for dinner and Jazz game! Last weekend, we drove to Big Sky for a quick family reunion with Terry's family (6 adults and 2 teenagers). We had a great day of skiing with good conditions and awesome terrain.
Big Sky, Montana

C1-C5: March was so much better than February but still haven't gotten into a good rhythm.  We did a lot of skiing, just not skate skiing. The new yoga moves definitely satisfy C1 for core work. I have been running on the treadmill a couple days a week for C2. I have my 2014 USA Cycling License for C5 and Ride4Equality will be very good practice to get to the Grand Tour long term goal.

D: A slight nibble on the lot, hopefully this means an active market this summer.  We also met with our Tax Accountant and talked about some exemption options, other than having children. We  

E1: We had several purchases in March.  Most were clothing, but I was able to find similar items to put in the donation pile to meet my goal.

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