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Tulsa Tough 2014 - Top 50 Moments

I'm still riding a Tulsa Tough high and can't say enough good things about the event and people involved, especially Shawn and Carol! Last year, I flew in on Thursday and out Monday and wrote a 6 part blog. I just reread it and many of the experiences hold true so please have a read to get a feel how I Tulsa Tough. This year, I took it up a level by flying in on Sunday and bringing my own bike! Having a full seven days to help Shawn and Carol, experience more Diva events, and get in more rides was awesome.

Unlike last year, I don't have time to blog about each day at Tulsa Tough so I've decide to list my top moments and pictures. I'm guessing only Carol and I will "get" the full list, but use your imagination or better yet, make plans for Tulsa Tough June 12-14, 2015 and make your own moments! If you were at Tulsa Tough, please add your own moments in the comments. I'd love to hear them so I can add them to my list for next year.
Sunday - June 1, 2014 …

Quality Woodwork (Basement Remodel Part 3)

After a long spell with little work on the basement, we've had steady progress the past few weeks and it is coming together better than I imagined!
In case you need to catch up, here are previous posts. All I Wanted Was Hooks! (Basement Remodel Part 1) Waiting for Paint to Dry (Basement Remodel Part 2)

At the end of the last update, the texturing and painting were finished and we built up the closet system, but were still waiting on the wood floor, carpet, trim, and doors. I was off to Nashville for business and hoped to come home to wood flooring, trim, and hooks. I got one out of three and the trim was on premise but not installed. The hooks are another story, but as long as they are in for snow season, I'll be happy.
For those of you that stay in our basement (Mom & Dad), I know you've been on me to see more photos, so here it goes. We might even be ready for visitors in just a few weeks. Memorial Weekend, Terry got ambitious and was working on a project in the kitch…

May Goal Review

I'm behind on my 2014 goals review but did ok in May. I transitioned from 30 Days of Biking to an official cycling training program then once I was off the bike, I focused on less television and internet to get my reading back on track. June has started off with a bang, but more on that in next month's review.

May Summary A1: Only finished 2 books, but really enjoying it and making time for some great reads.
- Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson. Fast read perfect for a snowy Sunday morning.
- Dead Man's Footsteps by Peter James. Long one (500+ pages) but interesting mystery centered around 9/11. A2: Wrote 5 blogs and kept up on Mailbox Monday. Had a fun time doing a cycling kit review on a rainy Saturday morning.
A3: Only 1 week out of 4 with a trip to Nashville, TN. All work & not much play then home to get some miles in. Unfortunately business travel is not so glamorous.
A4: The company we used in March, that went on "break" in April says they are back in bu…