May Goal Review

I'm behind on my 2014 goals review but did ok in May. I transitioned from 30 Days of Biking to an official cycling training program then once I was off the bike, I focused on less television and internet to get my reading back on track. June has started off with a bang, but more on that in next month's review.

May Summary
A1: Only finished 2 books, but really enjoying it and making time for some great reads.
- Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson. Fast read perfect for a snowy Sunday morning.
- Dead Man's Footsteps by Peter James. Long one (500+ pages) but interesting mystery centered around 9/11.
My ambitious stack for June
A2: Wrote 5 blogs and kept up on Mailbox Monday. Had a fun time doing a cycling kit review on a rainy Saturday morning.

A3: Only 1 week out of 4 with a trip to Nashville, TN. All work & not much play then home to get some miles in. Unfortunately business travel is not so glamorous.

A4: The company we used in March, that went on "break" in April says they are back in business but with our schedules we haven't had time to go investigate.

B1: Could only get in one session with Nelson, but my body was thankful especially after the increase in cycling. I did get a stand-up desk at work so hopefully I'll start to see the improvement in my hips and back.

B2: I continue to do a combination yoga / active stretching routine in the mornings & evenings at home. 

B3:  My passion for pro women's cycling continues. I made final plans for Tulsa Tough during May and left June 1st to volunteer and ride. I'm building on my Ride4Equality idea and also trying to arrange a Half the Road screening in Park City over the summer. Follow @girojenny and my Women's Cycling page for more content and updates. 

B4: No friends or family could visit in May due to the basement remodel. We did a girls MTB and had dinner with the crew to celebrate Memorial Day.
Girls MTB
The guy taking our picture asked if we were having a college reunion?! - nope, just a weekend afternoon in Park City.

C1-C5: May was an awesome "physical" month thanks to the cycling program. Even though my back is still fatigued some days, I'm feeling strong going into the summer.

1. Core strength is happening each morning along with yoga, but I could improve.
2. I've been cycling so much and put my gym pass on hold for the summer, so no runs in May. Need to definitely improve on that!
3. I haven't picked a specific event yet. I'm thinking Sept/Oct once all my road ride adventures are complete.
4. Missed my chance until November. Another season without any time on the skinny skis.
5. I'm doing several Gran Fondo rides in June and July, but not an official race yet.

D1: No updates on the lot.

D2: I need to pull out the gift cards again and go out of my way to use some up. No activity in May.

E1: We went on a few spending sprees in May, mainly on cycling equipment but the old items (gloves, water bottles, etc) are in the donation pile. Once the basement is finished, I'll have a chance to do another cleanse.

E2: Italy is booked and coming quickly! I can't wait for the break from work since it has been over a year without an official vacation. We may not come back.

E3: The basement is coming together slowly but nicely. Each day I look forward to seeing new features and beautiful craftsmanship. Work was slow going early in May but has recently picked up. We are very close and will hopefully have a finished product by end of June.
Gorgeous hand treated trim staged in the garage and slowly disappearing inside.
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