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Cycling Ninja

Our abnormal winter continues and we keep choosing to ride instead of ski.  The conditions aren't up to our spoiled standards and we don't have season passes this year, but we still feel guilty not going.  Before we moved to Utah, we spent lots of money and time making sure we were skiing every weekend.  I even flew the red-eye from Florida to snowboard no matter the conditions.  Now that we live within 30min of 7 resorts, we shouldn't take them for granted, but cycling has had a strong pull this winter.  I've proven I can ride in the cold and we've been doing long training sessions at night, so when the weekend rolls around, we both look forward to getting out on the road to work on technique and power.

Last Saturday, Christian joined us for a low 20s Park City ride but we all had to pedal our own pace to keep warm so it wasn't too social.  I wore my 4 top layers, plus a new pair of super warm gloves and had to add a skull cap under my balaclava - it was my co…

Patagooch Addiction

It's President's Weekend and that means it's time to hit the semi-annual Patagonia sale!  We have too much Patagooch clothing and I avoid shopping whenever possible, but this is one sale I don't miss.  It stems back to our first spring in SLC when I scored ski coats and more for a fraction of the original price.  We still wear the coats 9 years later and although I've tried to find reasons to upgrade, they are in perfect condition.  I've never purchased an item at full price and would guess that the majority of our purchases are 40% or more off the lowest sale price.  Knowing that we didn't need a single thing, I drove down to the SLC Outlet this afternoon just to take a peek and make sure I wasn't missing out on the deal of the century.

There were no parking spots, but luckily the liquor store has a large lot and is next door.  There wasn't a line at the checkout (surprising) and just a few people waiting for a dressing room, so I headed to the Ba…

Valentine's Day Cycling Date

I hope everyone had a memorable Valentine's Day.  My favorite memory was 5 years ago.  We had Jazz tickets to see the Cleveland match-up and it would be the first time to see Lebron James in action.  We planned on having a nice dinner and then going to the game, which was more planning than we had ever done for Valentine's. You probably already guessed, but we didn't make it to the game.  In January we made the decision to buy our current house and as the closing date neared, Valentine's evening was the only time that worked out.  Owning our dream home and sitting in an empty living room rather than seeing Lebron was fine by me and we've since seen him play when the Heat are in town.
Yesterday will also be a good Valentine's memory, but it was a little more intense and sweaty than a house closing.  Last night was our first of many computrainer classes in order to prepare for the upcoming cycling season.  We both hope to do some racing this year and I especially…

Below Freezing Point Biking

Until Sunday, my coldest weather ride was above the 32F mark.  If you are a cyclist, you probably have a temperature that you "don't bike under" and I've gradually moved my mark down but have held firm this winter at the freezing point.  If it is that cold, there is likely snow on the ground and I can skate ski or run or something other than exposing my face at 20mph without goggles.  On Sunday, boredom and my "will ride as long as the roads aren't icy" husband convinced me that I could break the barrier and still survive.
I rode the trainer every day last week and by Saturday morning, I just couldn't bear another session.  We have a great setup, but I needed to be outside.  Terry had meetings in the morning, so I watched as the thermometer slowly climbed from the single digits to the mid 20's but couldn't make myself go out.  Terry got home and bundled up in his warmest gear, but I still wasn't mentally ready.  Instead, I threw on a cou…

Go Diggers!

As I've mentioned before, I played college basketball at Montana Tech and am a proud Oredigger.  For the past several years, the women's and men's teams have traveled to SLC to play Westminster College.  This is the only time each year I get to watch Oredigger hoops, so I was excited for Saturday night's games.  It brings back lots of memories, but more importantly, it allows me to give back just a little and show my support for the teams.

We didn't travel to Westminster when I played, but we did play across Montana and nearby states.  Our home crowds were small, yet very loud (thanks to Coach Green) and supportive.  I vividly remember the usual suspects at home games - cheerleaders, boyfriends, family, local boosters, and a smattering of students and staff.  We played on Friday and Saturday nights with the men tipping off right after us.  The men's team brought in larger crowds, so we would see a slight uptick as we played our last minutes but it was still li…

2002 Olympics Photo Review

There is never a dull moment in Park City.  Sundance screenings finished Monday evening and by Wednesday, we were kicking off celebrations for the 10 Year Anniversary of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  We didn't live in Park City in 2002, but were here on vacation and attended several Olympic events and had a great time.  We had no idea that we would someday live here and it is strange to look at the photos and see them more as our hometown than a spectacular vacation spot.  Another reminder that living here allows us to be on vacation every day, as long as you take advantage and use the 2-for-1's.  I figured the 10yr anniversary was a good enough reason to go down memory lane and share some photos.
We bought our tickets and planned the trip before we were even married, maybe even engaged!  I guess we figured it would be another great excuse to meet up in SLC and hang out with Annette and Doug.  I remember going through the website process from my laptop in Italy and sharing the n…