Patagooch Addiction

It's President's Weekend and that means it's time to hit the semi-annual Patagonia sale!  We have too much Patagooch clothing and I avoid shopping whenever possible, but this is one sale I don't miss.  It stems back to our first spring in SLC when I scored ski coats and more for a fraction of the original price.  We still wear the coats 9 years later and although I've tried to find reasons to upgrade, they are in perfect condition.  I've never purchased an item at full price and would guess that the majority of our purchases are 40% or more off the lowest sale price.  Knowing that we didn't need a single thing, I drove down to the SLC Outlet this afternoon just to take a peek and make sure I wasn't missing out on the deal of the century.

The Back Room Bins - the quietest I've seen it in years
There were no parking spots, but luckily the liquor store has a large lot and is next door.  There wasn't a line at the checkout (surprising) and just a few people waiting for a dressing room, so I headed to the Back Room to start digging thru the bins.  The sale is also a great people-watching experience! There were several men gathered by the kids' bins calling home to report sizes, colors, and costs.  All the women were on a mission (ie, no small talk) stacking our arms high as we skillfully navigated the store.  You can often tell the 1st timers from the lifers.

I usually find a few jewels in the larger sizes, as it's a bonus to be tall or super small if you don't get there when the doors open.  Terry unfortunately is the same size as everyone else, so I have to hunt for the rare M/L that someone left behind.  I tried on several items today, but only bought 2, which is likely a new low record.
Patagonia Outlet

On my drive home, I felt guilty for buying more when we already have too much.  If I'm serious about a Zero Waste Home, I need to start doing more Refusing!  It's obvious I have a Patagooch addiction.  I didn't flip a u-ey to return the pants and sweater, but I did take inventory before cutting off the tags.  I didn't dig out dirty clothes or miscellaneous socks, hats, and gloves, but tried to gather everything else that had a Patagonia label.  I've confirmed we are in an overstock situation.

Since I went to the effort, I'm posting the embarrassing results.  A few pair of pants and underwear are starting to wear and our favorite t-shirts are thinning, otherwise everything looks brand new.  I need to commit to donating equal numbers from our closet to compensate for new purchases.  Like all addictions, it is easy to make excuses.  It is definitely a weakness and something I need to work on.  Anybody know of a Patagooch 12 Step Program?

Gear Closet

Ski Coats = 2                                Ski Pants = 1                        Puffy Vests = 1
Coats = 3                                      Fleece/Sweater = 4               Baselayer Tops = 15
Baselayer Bottom = 6                    Bike Jerseys = 2                   T-shirts = 19
Shorts = 8                                     Capri = 2                              Yoga Pants = 2
Sports Bras = 7                             Underwear = 14                    Tanks = 7
Dress/Skirts = 9                             Pants = 16                            Shirts = 12
Clothes Closet
Closet Piles