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Cat's Tongue - Licks Grease, Licks Cancer

It's time for another product review!  I heard about Cat's Tongue in February, started using them in March as we transitioned from skiing to cycling, and have become a serious fan in April as I've ridden every day as part of 30 Days of Biking.  If you haven't heard of Cat's Tongue Towels, please visit their website to see the product options, testimonials, and how they are putting 25% of their proceeds toward cancer research and treatment.
If you've been following my blog, you know that cancer hit close to home this past year with our good friend and neighbor Christian.  As we try to do whatever we can to help him and his family, we have also become more aware of all the efforts that others do for their loved ones or complete strangers.  Just as I purchase and promote products that support women's cycling,  I also support companies that contribute back to society, whether for the environment or cancer.  Cat's Tongue does both!
In early February, I was o…

30 Days of Biking - Halfway There

April is a tough month in the Wasatch Mountains.  The weather is unpredictable, with the odds that most days will resemble winter rather than summer.  Ski areas usually stay open until the end of the month, so riding is the backup activity on the weekends.  Weeknight workouts are a struggle and without a goal, April can turn into 30 days of excuses.

For years, we've made a trip to Moab in April to break up the shoulder season.  Last year, we made the drive twice for a St George getaway and then our annual Moab adventure.  These trips provide the motivation to come home from work and either bundle up or jump on the trainer.  The past two years, I've joined my training mates for a final session of Max Testa Training which guarantees I'll ride hard at least 2 days/week.

This year, our Moab trip is on hold for a couple reasons.  Christian is spending 20 days in April getting radiation treatments, so we'll wait until he's healthy.  Joe qualified for the Boston Maratho…

Why Podium Pinches Bother Me

Unfortunately the last week of pro cycling has bothered me and it has nothing to do with doping.  I spend a lot of energy supporting women's cycling including explaining why last weekend's actions upset me.  After reading a few different takes on the situation, I wanted to voice my own opinion.

It all started last Sunday (March 31st) when Marianne Vos won her 1st Women's Tour of Flanders but I couldn't watch it live.  In contrast, the Men's Tour of Flanders was streaming live from the early kilometers but a bit boring with no attacks.  Several people, including the commentators, mentioned on twitter that it would have been great to cut over to the women rather than wait for the summary video.  After all, Marianne Vos is one of the greatest ever, male or female.  Maybe next year, the organizers will realize that the women deserve some live air time.

The men's race finally got exciting when Fabian Cancellara attacked on the Paterberg and won his 2nd Tour of Fland…