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Backyard Wild Kingdom

Last weekend I kicked off Friday night with two social hikes.  Kelly and I checked out the new PC Hill trail and then Corrie and I took in the sunset with a long neighborhood hike.  Hopefully the three of us will be able to align schedules and have a girl's afternoon of biking or hiking, but for now, we take what we can get.

Terry flew home from Iowa Saturday morning and we went crazy on chores and then relaxed on the deck.  Now that the landscape is finished, we are really enjoying our backyard and all the wildlife that stop by for hours at a time.

For the first time in my career, I'm able to easily bike commute and I'm trying to take advantage.  I only went twice this week due to other commitments, but brought my mountain bike in on Friday and had a lovely ride after work.  I've also traded construction and semi trucks on Parley's, with morning views of hot air balloons.

Saturday morning I woke up and for the 1st time in years, wasn't nervous about running th…

Summer Activities with Friends & Family

Looking over my last 3 months of blogs, I've been focused on detailed cycling reports whether in California, Tulsa, or in our own cycling mecca of Park City.  Even though we spend most of our free time in the saddle, there are plenty of other activities keeping us busy.  
Our calendar has been booked since early May and once Summer officially arrived, the additional light and heat provided more hours to play with family and friends.  I've fallen behind on blogs, but once you see our activities over the last month, you'll understand why.
Dream Job OpportunityCB Transplant & Huntsman StayPark City Cycling Festival Volunteer Toddler Birthday Parties Family VisitJuly 4th StaycationGiro Rosa & Tour de France  (ok, this is cycling but watching not pedaling)Business Trips   Landscaping
I keep my work life separate from my blog life, but let's just say I think I've found a winning combination of location, colleagues, role, company, and fun!  I'm two weeks in an…