Summer Activities with Friends & Family

Looking over my last 3 months of blogs, I've been focused on detailed cycling reports whether in California, Tulsa, or in our own cycling mecca of Park City.  Even though we spend most of our free time in the saddle, there are plenty of other activities keeping us busy.  

Our calendar has been booked since early May and once Summer officially arrived, the additional light and heat provided more hours to play with family and friends.  I've fallen behind on blogs, but once you see our activities over the last month, you'll understand why.

  • Dream Job Opportunity
  • CB Transplant & Huntsman Stay
  • Park City Cycling Festival Volunteer 
  • Toddler Birthday Parties 
  • Family Visit
  • July 4th Staycation
  • Giro Rosa & Tour de France  (ok, this is cycling but watching not pedaling)
  • Business Trips   
  • Landscaping

I keep my work life separate from my blog life, but let's just say I think I've found a winning combination of location, colleagues, role, company, and fun!  I'm two weeks in and very pleased.
Team Building MTB

CB's transplant was successful and he came home this week after 5 weeks at Huntsman.  He is still healing and building up strength, but it is wonderful to have him back in the neighborhood.
Spending lots of time with CBs girls while he kicks cancer's arse

Celebrating a big milestone in the transplant process - the girls' 1st visit!

I signed up to volunteer at the Park City Cycling Festival and got a similar response that I did from Tulsa Tough.  Coordinator = "We want you to ride", Me = "If you insist"
Saturday's Climbing and Descending Clinic
Sunday's Urban Ride - Marty Jemison leads while I sweep

Three of our favorite toddlers celebrated their birthdays in June.  The parties at the splash pad and swimming pool were fun to attend especially in abnormally hot temperatures.  We are so fortunate to have such dear friends.

Even better than extended family, is real family.  My brother visited for three days which coincided with my time off between jobs.  We had a blast and I can't wait for our next visit.
Afternoon cartoon downtime after a morning hike and lots of playing
PCMR Coaster - the Screamers
PCMR Coaster - the Speedsters
PCMR Alpine Slide - looks who's tall enough to go on his own!
Drink Break

After the EECH crew left for Montana early on the morning of July 4th, we headed to the parade before a mountain bike.  Kelly and Joe had a place at Deer Valley for the weekend and invited us to attend a couple concerts in style.  It was an enjoyable staycation of riding, music, and friends.
Park City Parade - always entertaining
Baby Raccoon encounter on MTB ride
Amazing Concert "Seats" thanks to Joe & Kelly

Both the Giro Rosa and Tour de France have taken any remaining free time in the early mornings or late evenings.  The Women's Giro Rosa was only a week but very exciting to follow especially when USA rider Mara Abbott went into the lead and won her 2nd Giro.
Swiss Miss Century - my 4th century in 6 weeks & Brittany's 1st ever!

The past two weeks, we've done a combined three business trips to hot and humid climates.  I was in Houston last week while Terry has traveled to Minnesota & Iowa the past two.  It was strange to be in Houston after living there my first few years out of college.  I'm very glad I came to my senses and moved back to the mountains.

And finally landscaping.  It's been a struggle but we are extremely close to having a finished product.  We are so happy with all the features and can't wait to see how it grows in over the next couple years.
Sod in the front and plantings ready to go in
Waterfall - my favorite feature
Can't beat cool dirt, shade, and a rock to lean against on a hot day