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Running, A Love-Hate Relationship

If you've been keeping track, I signed up for the Mid-Mountain Marathon and then proceeded to avoid running for 7 weeks.  Not the best training plan, but I was concentrating on cycling training (or so I told myself).  I finally went out this afternoon to kickoff my running training.  My last run on 11Feb was on packed snow and with several layers, today it was 70F and the trails were dry.  The wacky warm winter continues - until tonight when the snow blows in for April Fool's.  A quiet hour on the trail was enough to evaluate my new shoes, get my legs under me, and set my mind right for a spring and summer of biking and running.  I cycled earlier with Terry so wasn't out to break any records, I just needed to break the cold streak.

My relationship with running is love-hate.  My earliest memories of running were in elementary school and having fun.  My Mom and I ran local 5K races together and I also ran with a group of girls in the Hershey's Meets.  We did pretty well …

Saddle Time

When not working or sleeping this week, I've had this view.  I'm not complaining, it is just odd to have so much saddle time in March.  Hope I don't burn out once summer actually arrives.  One of these days I have to face reality and do some trail running in preparation for my 1st marathon. (167 days to go)

I had missed a Tuesday night cycling class a few weeks ago, so decided to try and do a make-up class on Monday evening.  The good news about Monday's class is it is only 60min rather than 90, but the bad news is the recovery times between sets are extremely quick.  I was able to grab an open spot, although it was next to the teacher so I looked out at the class and I'm sure the guys wondered how a girl could sweat as much as I do.  They should see me in the 90min class!
I finished Tuesday's class strong, even though we did 6 sets of SFRs.  Wednesday, we went out to dinner with the Cronley's and indulged in Epic beer and wood-fired pizza.  Thursday's…

Butte Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This is my favorite holiday of the year, hands down.  I am part Irish, but if I hadn't grown up in Anaconda, I wouldn't have been so enthusiastic.  If you haven't been to Anaconda or Butte for a St. Patrick's celebration, this article by George Everett titled "Butte, Montana: Ireland's Fifth Province" describes the history.  Most people claim to have some Irish heritage, but in these 2 towns, it's the real thing and so strong that some label it Butte Irish.  My Irish ancestors ended up in Kansas, not in the Montana copper mines, but luckily the Butte Irish welcome everyone, no matter your descent.  I haven't been back to Montana for St. Patrick's since college but try to do my best wherever I'm living.  It's not all about having a pint or two of Guinness, but celebrating Irish heritage and having a great time with music, dancing, and stories.

Growing up (to my best recollection), we celebrated for a solid …

Birthday Weekend

It's always a bit more fun when your birthday lands on a weekend.  Since this year was a big one for Terry, we had hoped to take a few days off work and go to California or at least Moab.  We left things until the last minute due to work projects and by the time Friday rolled around, it was easier to stay put.  We still plan on officially celebrating one of these upcoming weekends, but had a great weekend with warm temps and lots of bicycling.

This winter continues to amaze me. After the big storm rolled thru on Leap Day and we thought Winter might be giving it a go, the sun came out and early Spring arrived.  The birds are back and eating thru the seed, the snow is melting, and the temps are in the 40-50s.  The abrupt weather changes played havoc with my sinuses and made for some miserable days.  We went to the final University of Utah Women's Basketball game on Saturday afternoon but I could only clap (no screaming) as the Utes rolled over Oregon.  I had done too much yellin…

Snow Camp Workouts

The snow storms we are accustomed to, finally arrived this week.  For those of you that don't live in our neighborhood or haven't been fortunate to visit during a "Snow Camp", this means that in addition to everything else in our daily routines, we do major snow maintenance often twice a day.  We normally keep track of inches, but this year has been so light we haven't bothered.  Canyon's snow report shows 38" over the last 6 days, and we had about that much on the back patio this morning after not shoveling all week.  In normal winters, this is an average week but it was really our first system of significance this year and very welcome.

Snow Camp involves gearing up in a couple layers and if you do it fast, you work up a good sweat just like any good workout so you have to plan ahead.  You also run the risk of smelling like gasoline after running the snowblower for 30minutes, so it is good to wear old clothes and shower after.  Another timing issue inv…